Blue Dress part 3

Part three of Katie’s story.

I see Jessica get a bit worried after I tell her she can’t wear me.“I thought we already agreed that you would wear me. You really don’t have anything else that is going to work for you. Plus I feel like I owe you for rescuing me from the store,” I respond.

Jessica looks at me lying on the bed for a moment, before saying, “Alright I will wear you, but do you think I should wear all of you or just the dress? Also you don’t owe me anything.”

I lay there thinking about it and finally come to a conclusion and say, “I think you should wear all of me. I think it might feel a bit strange feeling my parts in two different locations. It was already strange enough feeling my parts in the different stores this morning and being worn is going to be strange enough. Plus I want you to look great wearing me.” I see Jessica starting to smile down at me as I tell her that. I start to get nervous as I feel her picking up the pink panties that contain lower portions of my face that include my nose and mouth. I feel her lowering them to the floor as I can sense the carpeted floor beneath them.

I become nervous that I don’t hear her until the second time she asks, “Are you ok? Is this ok? I mean…I know what you said in the store…”

I respond back, “Yes, I am sure.” I feel her quickly pulling me up her legs like any ordinary pair of panties. I wonder if she did it so quickly before I change my mind, but will never know as I feel her pull me snuggly against her body. I feel myself stretching around her body as she lets go of me. I already can smell her scent around me and can feel her becoming slightly aroused as she wears me.

She starts to move towards the bed and sits down on me, but I don’t feel any pain from it. I hear her reaching over and grabbing the package that contain the fishnet portion of me. She starts to open the card packet and pulling out the stockings that contain my legs. I feel her set one of them down on the bed. I start to taste and feel her dampness soaking into me as I start to take on her scent. She asks, “So is this your left or right legs that I have. I would hate to muddle them up. Probably would feel fairly strange to you if I did so.”

“I never thought of that. Thanks for asking. You have my right leg in your hand. I start to feel her bunching my legs up as I can feel myself slipping over her toes and then her feet. I feel myself stretching out a bit as I stretch around her leg. I feel her carefully unraveling me up her leg and making sure to keep the seam straight as she does so. “Wow that feels very strange. It feels like my calves and thighs are being stuffed full. Wow that tickles,” I say. I let out a giggle as she finishes putting that one on. “I have always been pretty ticklish,” I add. She reaches over and grabs the other leg and slips me on and does so just as careful and making sure I am placed correctly on her legs. She stands up before me and I can see her wearing my legs and portion of my face as it is strange to be able to do that. She reaches down next to me to pick up the petticoat as it feels like my mid-section as the opening is my vagina, which is the opening for the petticoat. I wonder to myself if this was a way to show that I was some kind of slut. I feel her hands on the opening as I let out a gasp and moan as I wasn’t expecting those sensations.

I feel her stop moving and look down at the petticoat a bit afraid and ask, “Is everything ok Katie? Did I hurt you?”

I feel a bit embarrassed and slow tell her, “Ummmm…you were ummm spreading my vagina wider and it felt kinda…ummm good” I feel super embarrassed telling Jessica that.

She looks down again at the petticoat and says, “This is your vagina? Oh my…”

Still embarrassed I finally say, “Just the opening is my vagina. The rest of petticoat is my midsection and some other parts of me I think. I’m not sure how you got so many pieces since you saw the picture of me. There shouldn’t be that much material to make all of it.”

I hear her giggle from my comment and say, “You were a tiny slip of a girl.” She lowers the petticoat to the floor then carefully steps into it and says, “I am about to pull it up and it at my wait. Tell me if you want me to stop Katie.” I feel her sliding me up her legs and I let out a few moans and whimpers as she does so. Once I reach her waist I feel her pulling the strings tight and tying them together in a neat little bow. She then turns her hips side to side and watch petticoat gently sway. I start to feel the different parts of swishing and swaying as she moves side to side. I finally chime in “Are you having fun? This could get very interesting when you are dancing. It is probably a good thing I don’t have a stomach.” I let out a giggle.

She asks, “Are you ok with me…Umm…Inside your womanhood like this?

I can feel her timidly touching the waist band of the petticoat. I finally respond, “It is fine…just very strange. You are my first by the way.” I giggle at the last part of my comment.

Jessica asks, “Do you…ummm…Think you could orgasm. I could lift the petticoat up and down. We do have some time Katie.”

Nervously I respond, “Ummm…I don’t know maybe. I feel kind of wrong asking you to do that.” I start to feel her untying the strings and slowly lowering me to the floor and then raising me back up to her bust. Not even giving me a chance to respond she lowers me again and keeps repeating it. I whimper, “Mmmmmmm, wow that does feel interesting and good. I feel myself sliding against her soft smooth skin. Realizing I am completely at her mercy how and if I am pleasured. I feel her opening her legs slightly making it so my opening is slightly stretched as she picks up the speed pulling me up and down her body. My voice becomes raspier from moaning and becomes a bit louder as she picks up the speed. I start to moan, “Mmmm Jessica. I can feel it build…” as I try being quiet so John doesn’t come upstairs to check in on us, but still pretty loud. She continues to use me as fast as she can as she starts to become turned on by all of this. Basically using herself as a human penis for me, but also I can also sense she is starting to get a bit tired from the exertion. I finally get sent over the edge and moan out, “Awwwwww, Jessica!” Feeling the explosion inside of the petticoat, but also realizing how quickly it fades since I don’t have my old body. As she hears me cum she just falls back on the bed exhausted. I slowly and embarrassingly say, “Thank you…that was great, but very different, because once I cummed it was just done.” Realizing now how aroused she has gotten from getting me off. I can feel, smell, and taste her on my face as I am soaked in her juices. She lies on the bed catching her breath and notices how turned on she had gotten and feels her dampness. I feel her lifting her petticoat up and moving a finger to the panties I have become and runs a finger along me to see how wet I am.

She tells me, “Oh no…I’m so sorry Katie. I didn’t mean to ummm get so aroused.”

I feel her fingers pressing against me to feel how wet I have become also causes me to soak in some more of her wetness. I finally respond, “It is fine. I guess that is what happens now if I want to get off, but I take it you enjoyed it a bit too.” I let out a giggle. “At least you taste and smell good and you got me off. You were also my first girl that got me off.

She starts to blush and stand up. I feel her tying the petticoat strings back into a cute bow. She then hikes the petticoat up and gently pulls the panties I have become down and she walks into the bathroom not bothering to say anything to me. Unable to see what she is doing as I am now staring at the ceiling since she knocked me back down after falling onto the bed. I hear the sink turning on in the distance. I finally ask, “What are you doing Jessica?”

She responds back, “Oh sorry. I am just going to give your panties a quick clean Katie.” I feel her dropping me into the warm water as she takes a little toilet paper and reaches under my petticoat to clean herself up a bit. Once she is done I can feel her dunking me into the water. I start to worry if I am going to drown since she is dunking my mouth and nose, but quickly realizing I don’t have any lungs as I soak up the water. She starts to swish me around the warm water for a few moments and then takes me out and hands me over the shower rail and heads back into the bedroom. I can feel the water dripping off the panties as I hang there. I hear her getting close to me again. I ask, “So am I going to be dry by the time you are going to need to leave?”

Seeing her face popping back into my view and say, “I am sure they will be Katie. We have an hour before we need to go and they are thin and lacey so they will dry fast.” I see her smile down at me and gently picks up the dress portion of me and unzip the back. I start to get a lot more nervous as she just holds me. Then she asks, “Do you want me to stop Katie. There is no going back after this, because I won’t have time to figure out a new outfit.”

I finally manage the courage and respond, “I’m very nervous now, but I am sure I want you to wear me.”

She giggles and nervously says, “And we did just have sex I guess… I have never done it with another girl before.” She starts to lift me above her head and slips her arms through. She carefully ties the halter neck in a large bow and then zips up my side and smoothed out my skirt over the petticoat.

I bashfully say, “Well did I…I guess you were just my human penis. Ohhh sorry hopefully your husband didn’t hear that.” Giggling a bit at what I said as I feel her nipples poking into the back of my eyes. My vision changes from earlier, as I start to see the world from her breasts. I also start to feel myself hugging her torso tightly as she zips me up.

Hearing her giggle as she starts to spin around and watch my skirt fly out as she says, “Oh my goodness Katie you are such a lovely outfit.”

Knowing I would be blushing if I could and a little disturbed that she called me an outfit, but I manage to say, “Thanks you I guess. I am not really sure what to say.” Feeling her still spinning me, but changing directions, but realizing how light and airy I am for her, but still feeling myself hugging her perfectly.

I feel her moving towards as my vision bounces a bit with her breasts, but I see her heading towards the mirror in the distance. I feel myself swaying and swishing as she makes her way towards it. I can see the huge grin on her face, which turns into a smile as she says, “Thank you so much for this Katie…Thank you!”

I slowly respond, “You are very welcome.” Making it almost worthwhile seeing the large smile on her face. I add, “I am glad that I fit you so well. It is also a bit crazy seeing me on you.” I feel her moving away from the mirror as I swish and sway as she heads towards the bathroom and into it to check on my panties. Realizing how different the world looks now as her breasts fill out my vision and distorting it a bit based on the size of her breasts. I feel her picking up my panties as they are already dry and lower them to the floor and steps into them and pull them up over the stockings and underneath the petticoat. She nestles me snuggly against her womanhood as I can already smell her sweet scent s she becomes aroused at my touch. She quickly heads back into the bedroom and sits down on the bed next to my shoes and pendant. Feeling myself stretched out and hugging her body I start to adjust at being worn as her panties. I watch Jessica opening the box that contains the heels I have become. She takes out the left heel and holds them up. I think she finally realizes that this is the first time I have seen them. I manage to say, “Wow I have super cute feet as shoes, don’t you think?”

She replies back, “Oh yes Katie they are magnificent.” She starts to undo the buckles and slide my left stocking into them and gently starts to buckle the two buckles. I start to feel my feet being stuff with her cute foot and myself as her stockings. Without even realizing she is already taking the other heel out of the box and undoing the buckle and putting me on. She starts to bounce her leg on her knee once she finishes as I am forced to bounce up and down. She finally reaches for the last box and opens it and shows it to me. I feel her gently stroking the sit and watching the stones sparkle. She asks, “So what part of you is this?”

I say, “I think this is my soul. It is kind of hard to explain, but it is like my entire being is contained in the stone.”

She responds back, “Wow that is a bit scary to have it all in there. I should probably find some earrings to match you.” She jumps off the bed and scampers over to her jewelry box. She looks through it for a few moments and then pulls out some diamond drop earrings. She holds them up to the mirror dangling and touching the pendant so I can see them and she says, “What do you think? Do they match ok?”

I say, “Wow those look lovely and I think they would go lovely with me. They look very expensive and real” I giggle as I say that and add, “That is going to take some getting used to. I already feel like we are best friends or I am your little sister or something.”

She then says, “They are not real I am afraid to tell you Katie… I hope you don’t mind me wearing my cheap jewelry with you.”

I respond back, “They don’t look cheap. Besides to everyone else I am just and outfit. I am glad that you care enough.”

She smiles and finishes putting the earrings in and about to put the pendant on when there is a gentle knock on the door. We hear John ask, “Jessica you have been in there a long time and you made an awful lot of noise earlier… Is everything OK?”

I start to whisper, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What if he can tell I am a person? That would be so embarrassing.” I go from being somewhat clam to freaking out as I start to realize everyone in public will see me including John as she wears me.

Jessica suggests to me, “Maybe we could tell him? He might understand Katie.”

I reply back. “You think so. I am so embarrassed by all of this. Can we wait until later maybe after dancing we can think about it and maybe tell him? He might understand better after you guys have a few drinks and dance. At the very least a bit more relaxed.
Jessica asks, “Do you think you can keep quiet that long?

John knocks again and says, “Jessie, are you on the phone? Who are you talking to?”

I whisper back, “I will try my best…we will have to keep our conversation to the ladies room and to a whisper.”

The door finally opens and John walks in looking confused as Jessica is just standing there holding the pendant. Jessica shouts, “JOHN! I didn’t want you to see me until I was finished…Now you have ruined it.” She stamps her foot a little as I feel the weight and force moving through me to the ground as she pretends to be upset. I barely manage not to gasp or make a noise as she pouts.

John ignores her little play and walks up to her and he takes the pendant from her. I can feel John’s rough hands holding on to me. He walks behind her and reaches around her and drapes the necklace around her neck. She sweeps her hair out of the way and he does up the clasp and turns her to the mirror and kisses her neck. She then feels him smack her on the backside through the dress and petticoat. He then says, “The taxi will be here in 5 minutes Jess. You better get a move on or we will be late.” He walks out of the room with a big smile on his face.

Once John leaves the room and closes the door I whisper, Wow that was so intense. I thought for sure he would see right through me and see me as a person.” I feel like what adrenaline would feel like even though it doesn’t run through me anymore. I also say, “That was kind of fun. Though being part of your date feels kind of wrong. Guess he wouldn’t be very happy if I changed my mind and not let you wear me.”

I see Jessica turn towards the mirror looking at us in it and say, “But…but the taxi will be here in 5 minutes Katie.”

I giggle and say, “I am just teasing you. Besides it was very sensual being part of your moment there and I enjoyed that I helped. I am sure it probably sounds a little weird and creepy saying that.”

Jessica responds, “Since you are stuck as my outfit I am happy for you to share in our special moments Katie.”

I reply back, “Thank you sweetie. Though remember no sex with me on or in the same room. Not sure if I couldn’t handle that special moment. I am sure you don’t want me to see anything on john.” Giggling as she continues to adjust and fiddle with me and her hair.

She blushes a little and says, “You have my word Katie.”

We then hear John calling “Jessica the Taxi is here.” She starts to rush out of the bedroom and scamper down the stairs to meet him at the front door. Feeling her breasts bouncing a little down the stairs and I struggle to contain their movements. My vision moving all over the place as her breasts changes my vision. The pendant bounces and sways between her breasts as she moves to the bottom of the stairs. Seeing he has two large cases as he passes her handbag to her.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Blue Dress part 3

  1. I haven’t started work on the next part yet, but hopefully soon. I got as far as creating a blank word document. I am trying to figure out if I am going to break the material in 1 or 2 parts before I get started. If I go with 1 part it will probably take a bit longer since it will be quite a bit longer than the rest. I will update once I get started on it. Thanks for reading everyone!

  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that I started on the next part of this story, but still not sure if I will finish the story during this part or if there will be one additional part. I am not sure how long this part will take, but hopefully only a week or two. If anyone has comments or feedback please let me know.


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