Obedience training (by ShockBob)

A new story by ShockBob.

Chapter 1
“Send my next clients in, please.”
As Dana looked up she could tell immediately what sort of case she was working with. A broad-shouldered, pot-bellied man walked into the room with a sullen sneer on his face, and behind him a petite, blonde-haired woman walked with a frightened look on her face. Dana could tell from the look in the girl’s eyes that she was unsure if she had made a good decision. The two sat down in the armchairs that sat across from Dana’s desk; the man plopping himself down and slouching with the same defiant expression, as though Dana was already boring him, while the woman perched at the edge of her chair and glanced at him nervously.
“Julie and Robert, welcome to relationship counseling.” Robert snorted derisively; Dana ignored him. “First, obviously, I need to know why we’re here. Which of you would like to begin?”
Julie opened her mouth but Robert spoke over her. “We’re here because my girlfriend doesn’t have a lot of sense and wanted to waste my money. I don’t think we need this psychobabble bullshit so you can give us the short version of whatever speech you got so we can get on with our lives.” Julie’s mouth closed and whatever words she had been hoping to say seemed to die in her chest; instead she just looked at Dana with a pleading look in her eyes.
Dana could see that words would be no use here. Normally she spoke to the couple for a while to make sure her magic was really necessary but in this case it certainly was. “Very well, the short version it is. Julie, are there any activities you used to do before you met Robert that you don’t do anymore?”
Julie blinked, as though she hadn’t expected the question. “Well, I used to dance a lot, but Robert doesn’t really like to.”
“Oh, you did? What kind of dancing? Like, going to clubs?”
“Yeah, like going out with my friends.” There was a spark in Julie’s eyes as she realized where Dana was going with this. “Not like wearing skimpy club dresses, more like sixties style, with knee-length petticoats and-”
Robert stood up. “May I ask what the hell this has to do with anything?”
“I’m just trying to learn a bit about what Julie’s interests are so I know what I should turn you into. Now hold still.” Dana picked up the want that lay on her desk and pointed it at Robert-before he could manage another word he shrunk down and his body collapsed on itself; he shrunk into his clothes and disappeared.
Julie’s eyes widened and she stared at Dana in amazement; even though she had signed up for Dana’s program because of the counselor’s supposed magic abilities she was still surprised. As Dana smiled at her encouragingly Julie bent down and began to feel around in the pile of Robert’s clothes, and she fished out a knee-length white petticoat and laid it on the desk.
“Now, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that Robert will not change overnight. He will not change in the next week, or the next month. The second is that-and remembering this is going to be harder than it sounds, but absolutely imperative-you are in complete control now. Robert is helpless and powerless, and his existence revolves around you.” Julie nodded. “Now, if you want to mentally communicate with Robert, all you have to do is put your hand on him and concentrate on hearing his mind.” The two both did so together.
“What the FUCK is this, what did you do-” the women hastily removed their hands and Robert’s voice disappeared. The two smiled at each other, Julie more nervously then Dana. “Now, here’s the first month. Wear him out dancing at least once a week. A petticoat is a great first form because you’ll be able to think of him helplessly hidden away while you’re out enjoying yourself. When you’re not wearing him, keep him in a closet drawer and do NOT talk to him or mentally connect with him. You’ll just hear that he hasn’t changed and he’s still the same asshole that he is right now and you’ll get discouraged. Don’t forget that the only power he’s ever really held over you is emotional power, and he can still take that if you let him.” Dana pulled a cardboard box out from under her desk and placed Robert inside. Just have fun, and I’ll see you in one month.”
Julie nodded confidently. “Got it. Thank you so much for your help.” She picked up the box containing Robert and walked out the door.

Chapter Two
Dana smiled brightly as Julie walked in through the office. “Julie, how nice to see you. Why don’t you put Robert up here and have a seat.” Julie put the box containing her boyfriend/petticoat on Dana’s desk and sat across from her in the office armchair. “Have you spent some time dancing since I last saw you?”
Julie beamed. “Yes I have! It’s been so much fun. I’ve been out with friends, I’ve been to clubs I haven’t been to in years, and I’ve worn Robert with a half dozen different dresses. The only problem is that, well….I don’t think Robert is making much progress.”
Dana leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. “And what would make you think that? The only way you could have any idea if he’s making progress is if you tried talking to him, and I believe I recommended against doing that.” Julie squirmed in her chair. Dana opened Robert’s box and put her hand against him, then withdrew it upon hearing the screaming and cursing she had expected. “Well, all the same you’ve completed the first step. You’ve learned how to feel powerful and in charge of your own life again. Now it’s time to make Robert start to feel like you’re in charge.” She pointed her wand at Robert’s body and he began to change again; the petticoat split in half and each half took on a new shape and hardened until he was a pair of heels. “Try him on, take a few steps, and then try to feel his mind.” Julie took off her shoes, pulled Robert off the table and put him on, then stood and began to walk around the room. When she accessed his mind, for the first time she did not hear curses and threats; she hurt grunts and cries of pain.
“There, I must imagine he’s sounding a bit less confident now” Dana said. Julie moved back to the armchair, but Dana halted her from sitting. “No, no, stand! Let him feel the pain. This is his world for the next month. Now that he is your shoes, he’s going to learn to fear you. He’ll start to learn that you’re the one with the power and he needs to have the right attitude. Now, you can talk to him if you want, let him plead and let him try to argue, but wear him as much as you want the more he suffers, the better off you’ll be when we move into stage three.”
Julie smiled at her counselor. “Thank you so much for your help. This has been wonderful for me. I can’t wait to see you again.” She walked out the door, stepping as hard down as she could on Robert and enjoying his whimpers of pain.

Chapter Three
Julie walked into her house and put Robert’s box down on the kitchen table. Her third meeting with Dana had gone very well; she had felt proud when she had told her counselor how she had spent the last month torturing her boyfriend and delighting in his pleas for mercy. The two had taken some time to humiliate him during the session; taking turns transforming him into all different kinds of shoes and “modeling” him, just to make him suffer. Then they had put him away to talk about the final period of obedience training, and Julie loved the plan. She picked him up out of the box and held him up to her face; if the past month had been about wearing Robert down, this month was about breaking him utterly.
Robert had been silently crying to himself in his box during this meeting so he was not aware of the new plan; all he knew was that he could hardly believe his luck. After a month of feeling cold hard, and compacted, he now felt soft and floaty. Dana had turned him into a yellow cotton summer dress, and compared to his last month of being crushed and suffering the whole world seemed safe and gentle. The desire to belittle and intimidate his girlfriend was gone; now he just wanted to be worn and be happy.
Julie waved her arms about to watch him flutter helplessly. “Hey, there Robert. How are you doing?”
“I’m doing nice Julie! Thank you so much for letting me be this dress. I’m so glad I’m not your shoes anymore. I promise I won’t disrespect you ever again.”
“No kidding, you won’t”. Julie thought to herself. “That’s so nice to hear, sweetie. So, should I wear you now?”
“Yes! Please wear me!”” Robert exclaimed.
Julie smiled wickedly. “Mmmm…wrong answer.” She dropped Robert and let him float to the ground, then she took out the wand that Dana had given her. After a moment’s thought, Robert turned into the pair of heels that he had only hours before believed that he would never have to be again.
“I’ll answer those three questions in order. What-I turned you into my heels again. How-Dana provided me enough magic to use this wand on you for the THREE months that this last period of obedience training is going to last. And the why-you said that I should put you on. You may have lost the shit attitude, but you still haven’t learned that the only thing that matters is what I want, and that your existence just revolves around me. And to help you learn, I’ve changed your structure up enough so that you’ll be in twice as much pain as before.” She stepped into him and felt his mind explode in pain. “You’ll have a week in this form to learn your lesson. Now let’s go to the mall.”

Chapter Four
“Hello again Julie, so nice to see you. Please sit down.” Julie took her seat across from Dana’s desk and sat down. “How are things?”
“See for yourself.” Julie smiled triumphantly and pulled out the pair of high heels that was Robert. “I could tell I was about to run out of magic a few days ago so I put him in this form.” The two put her hands on Robert. Dana began, “nice to see you again, Robert. How do you feel?”
“I feel well Miss Dana. How are you?
“I am fine, how is Julie treating you?
“Julie treats me well. She turns me into different things and uses me how she pleases. I am lucky to be her things.
“How do you feel about the thought of being a man again?
“If that is what will make Julie happy then I will become a man again and do as she wishes.
“What if I told you that you’re going to be this pair of shoes forever?
“If Julie wants me as her shoes then I will be her shoes forever.
“What if just throw you away?
“Then I will be thrown away. Julie will do with me what she wishes.
The two leaned back and smiled. “Bravo, Julie. In all my years I’ve never seen a man broken so entirely. You have done amazing.” Julie beamed. “If you turn him back he will basically be your pet. His mind will never recover from what you have done. Of course, I can leave him as an object, or keep him and sell him to cover a part of the cost of our sessions if you prefer. Well, what will it be?”
Julie smiled. “Well, here’s the thing. I knew, even back in the second phase of our journey, that I would never want Robert back. And I was feeling so confident, that one evening while I was out dancing, I met a really nice guy. And even though it’s only been a few months, we’ve been getting along so wonderfully, that, well…” She showed the engagement ring on her hand to Dana, who squealed with delight. “We’re moving so fast, we’re going to be married in six months. And you know what I would really love to have?” She smiled down at the pair of shoes on the desk.
Six months later, Julie walked down the aisle enveloped in the stunning, billowing gown that was her former boyfriend. Her eyes found Dana, her maid of honor, and the two smiled victoriously at each other.

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