A porcelain prison (day twenty one)

Part three of my tale about the unforunate Dr. Black.  I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to either Dr. Black or his assistant. You never know, it might influence the next installment.
These are the scientific notes of Dr. Jacob Black, dictated to his assistant Natasha Rubina due to Dr. Black’s current status.

Day 21
I am now finishing my third week as a toilet, many things have changed for me. Natasha has been flushing me and refilling me at least once a day. Also after a long talk with Natasha we decided to try the experiment again, the machine is unable to convert anything to organic materials so we needed to decide on a form I could assume. I came to the conclusion I could be happy as a mannequin, but since we did not have a mannequin to scan into the machine Natasha reasoned that the form was a non-issue, since if the machine worked she could convert me again another time. She slipped off one of her high heels and used that as a template. When the machine activated it never targeted me, likely because I am now made of inorganic materials. I was very upset about this as it meant I was truly stuck as a toilet.

A few days after the failed experiment the inevitable happened, one of my old colleagues came into my laboratory looking for me. I remained quiet while he talked with Natasha until he took our research notes and discovered my fate. His fascination with me was very scary, he was obsessed with understanding how I worked and kept referring to me as it. The moment that he suggested disassembly of my form was when Natasha did it. I can understand her motivation but I am a little disappointed she reacted as she did. When I saw the bright light surround me I knew that the machine was activated, I cannot help but wonder if when I changed I screamed like Dr. Grey did. The sight of his body condensing into a small black high heel and the sound of his anguished cries will haunt me forever. Natasha came and picked up the shoe, which by this point was just a gibbering wreak and she carried him out of the laboratory. When she returned we had another long conversation, by the end of it we concluded I needed to hide somewhere to protect myself and other people. Natasha mentioned a ladies room that was being refurbished, we decided I could hide there until Natasha can find a way to smuggle me out. Although I still have this feeling of doom I now know that I have to find a way to fight on, for myself, Natasha and the unfortunate Dr. Grey.

Natasha’s notes.
I was crushed when the experiment failed and it became apparent that the Dr. was trapped. I had hoped that there would be some way to convert him into something I could smuggle out or something that could be easily hidden in the laboratory. When Dr. Grey found us I tried to reason with him but he was focused on taking Dr. Black apart. I admit I panicked, but at that moment in time turning on the machine seemed the only way. After that incident and a long chat with Dr. Black I have phoned maintenance and told them that a toilet was delivered to our lab by mistake, then I snuck into the ladies room that is being refurbished and broke one of the basins. So I think that Dr. Black will be hidden there soon, then I will just need to find a way to get him out. As for Dr. Grey, after taking him away from the laboratory all he has done is ask what he is. I smuggled him out of the building in my purse, I don’t have the heart to tell him I have turned him into a shoe, how do you tell a man he is stuck as a black, patent Mary-Jane with an ankle strap? I have just left him inside my purse for tonight… This is all such a mess…


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9 responses to “A porcelain prison (day twenty one)

  1. Doctor Black, I’m sorry to hear that repeating the experiment didn’t work out. If I may be so bold what reason did you have for haveing the machine set to toilet in the first place?

    Also fear not, for while things seem very dark now, you have a new mind to help work on the issue that should be VERY motivated to see progress once he sees reason.

    Natasha: You are going to need to come up with a way to cover for the doctors absense.. Also given that your new shoe tried to dismantle your current boss you should tell him he is now stuck as a shoe by wearing him for a bit. Once he gets the idea you are serious he should be rather motivated to help you work on getting the field to effect inanimate targets.

    • Dr. Black – Thank you for your questions Miss Alice. The original target was meant to be a mouse, the experiment was supposed to see if the animal could be converted into an object much larger than its original form with complex mechanisms and comprised of multiple materials. A toilet seemed to fit our requirements and we could scan one without leaving the building.

      Unlike me Dr. Grey has a wife and family, it would not be right to force him to help. But I think that the loss of his body and knowing his family will be worried could motivate him to work incredibly hard.

      Natasha – As long as research data keeps being added from our experiment the company does not take much notice. I am unsure what Dr. Grey was working on, but I hope I can cover for him too.

      Unlike Dr. Black I have a feeling that Dr. Grey will need some extra motivation. Maybe I will need to be quite stern and try to take control of the situation to ensure his cooperation. Perhaps a little time on my foot could be a good thing…

      (I really do enjoy some of these questions. It forces me to think about the story in a much more in depth way.)

      • Ahh. Quite the unfortunate bit of timing then. Dumb question I know, but, what happened to the mouse?

        Natasha: I considered your delima, Now as long as you can keep the straw Doctor black in place you’ll be fine. Provided you can use the machine on any kind of organic life, you can always zap pigeons into gold bars or turn roaches into rubies.. Crude I know, but it beats attempting to weaponize it and sell the device that way.

        • Dr. Black – fortunately for the mouse, the machine targeted the largest organism within its range. Meaning that the mouse is still scampering around in her little laboratory cage.

          Natasha – I had thought of doing that kind of thing, but I am a little dubious about using the device to make too much money. It could draw a bit too much attention.

          • ahh.. That is a lucky little mouse then. I would add testing of her to the list of things you’ve got to do. After all, she’s been exposed to residual energy from the device twice now. That may have some, odd, side effects.

            Natasha: naturally you wouldn’t want to be producing so much wealth as to be suspicious, but a few extra pieces of jewelry could be helpful if you ever need to get yourself back on your feet in a big hurry.

  2. Dr. Black,

    How has being moved out of the lab and into the women’s bathroom been going? I am sure there is a lot of guys around you working on the remodel and there is always the possibility of being tipped over on accident and broken. I am sure that is quite frightening to out. Has Natasha been able to visit or since the area is zoned off for construction you been there alone. Hopefully they don’t accidently hook you up and Natasha doesn’t lose you. Just seem very scary to me. Hopefully things work out for you Dr.



    I would have to agree with Alice that Dr. Grey needs to be reminded of his new place to help you change the two of them back. Wearing him would give him quite the motivation, plus having a new pair of heels are always a good thing. Too bad you didn’t think of ahead so instead of just one heel you had a pair. Maybe wear him on a date or something. Hopefully no one else stumbles upon Dr. Black so you don’t have to make a full pair of heels. Do you have any plans or ideas of what to do next?


    • (I should have explained that time is somewhat frozen at the end of that day until the next installment)

      Dr. Black – thank you for the questions Miss Katie. I think that the guys from maintenance will be coming to pick me up tomorrow. I must admit I am terrified, first I am scared of being plumbed in and second I am afraid I might talk or give myself away…

      Natasha – I am beginning to agree with you that Dr. Grey will need to be worn for a little while to get him on board. All I can really do to move forward is to continue the research to make both of them into better forms.

  3. Dear Dr. Black,

    I have just begun reading your notes, and I must say, your advances in the scientific field are astounding! I’m sure you will win the Nobel Prize, as soon as you remedy your current situation.

    However, I’d like to speak to you about the matter of Dr. Grey. How is it that you came to know such a scoundrel?! He must be some sort of sociopath for ignoring you and wanting to break you apart. I say that Natasha acted wisely the way she did: the world does not need such cruel scientists!


    Dear Natasha,

    I would like to congratulate you on how hard you are working to help the doctor. Keep your morale up! However, if a remedy to the doctor’s ailment does not come about, perhaps you should consider publishing this scientific finding under your own name. There’s no sense to keep back a budding scientist like yourself simply because of an unfortunate accident!


    • Dr. Black – thank you for taking an interest in my plight Mr Chase. The Noble prize would be a great honour indeed. Although I doubt that they would ever award it to a toilet.

      As for Dr. Grey, you must understand that he is a scientist. It may seem harsh, but technically when it became apparent my body was not recoverable the person who I used to be in the eyes of Dr. Grey was dead. To him I truly am just an object, I assume he determined that the data he could recover was worth more than a toilets discomfort. I would be willing to guess he has changed his mind now.

      Natasha – thank you for your encouraging words. I have been toying with the idea of publishing the work under my own name. But part of me would feel wrong to benefit from Dr. Black’s work while he is stuck in his present state.

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