Blue Dress part 2

I hear Jessica sitting down on the couch and kicking her feet up onto the coffee table. The table vibrates around me as she sets her feet down next to me as it feels like an earthquake. A few moments later I hear a voice off in the distance saying “Are you in the living room honey?”

Jessica responds, “Yea I am, I just got back from shopping for tonight.” I hear heavy footsteps come moving closer and closer. I start to get nervous as the voice I probably hear is getting closer to Jessica and me.

Hearing the person I assume is Jessica’s husband start to speak, “Oh, you have been shopping already Jessie that was quick for you.” Feeling kind of strange listening to him talk to her, since he doesn’t know I am in the room listening. I hear him moving again as the footsteps sound like they are getting closer to me. I feel an earthquake as I feel a hand entering the bag where the shoes are at and take a peek and then does the same thing with the other bags. I catch a glimpse of his face as he starts to move to the other bags and then hear him say “Really Jessie, over £400? Damn I can’t wait to see you in this.” Hearing him say this scares me, thinking she better not think she is going to wear me. I start to get a bit more scared thinking about Jessica wearing me dancing with me on or this man figuring out that I am really a person. All of a sudden I see and feel a hand reaching into the bag and taking the main part of me out, the dress. “Wow Jessie, this is something else,” the man says. I see Jessica moving towards me quickly and scooping me away from the man along with the bags.

She smiles at him and says, “Stop snooping it is supposed to be a surprise.” I feel her walking way quickly and moving up the stairs and whispers to me, “Sorry about that Katie. Are you ok?”

I whisper back, “Ummm, yes I think so,” but she probably can hear it in my voice that I am a bit shaken up. Realizing how vulnerable I am now as I feel myself bouncing and swaying with her movement. Feeling her moving quickly up the stair, but also realizing there is no pain as she do so, even with me draped over one arm as the dress. I sound a bit scared and depending on her comfort as I ask, “So have you figured out a way to turn me back yet?”

Jessica responds back, “I don’t know Katie…maybe I can look online.” I feel her laying the dress onto the bed, as I am forced to stare at the ceiling as she looks down at me. She slowly starts to take the different parts of me and sets them next to me. I hear her walking away from me and a minute later I hear the clicking of a keyboard across the room as she researches for ways to change me back. “I haven’t found a way to turn you back yet,” she says.

“Can you maybe search to see if anyone has started looking for me yet? My name is Katie Cvercko and I am from California,” I ask.

“Ok, I will see what I can find,” she responds. She opens another browser window and starts to search for me. Laying there unable to do or move as I am forced to stare at the white ceiling. Jessica says, “There was a Katie Cvercko that went missing back in 2009.”

I respond back, “Yea I know it is 2009 now or have I been missing a few months or something and its 2010?” Jessica pulls up a picture of a slim brunette and skims the article as her jaws drops. She slowly gets up and comes over and picks the dress portion of me and carries me over to the computer desk. I see a picture of me on the screen as she clicks on the PCs calendar covering up the article showing me that is now May 2013. I stutter, “ can’t be right.” Jessica closes the calendar and shows me the article that she found with my picture. I start to read it. The article says they found my burnt car off the side of a cliff, but they have ruled there was no foul play based on the skid marks on the road and that I was at a party shortly before drinking.

Jessica breaks my attention of reading the story and says, “I am so sorry Katie, but maybe you were reincarnated as…this.” She turns and points at me and then the bed of the rest of me.

I start to stutter again, “Bu..bu…but that means I am dead. Plus I am supposed to be the one shopping and not getting bought by some stranger to be worn dancing. My closet was full of clothing and shoes just like what I have become. I am sure if I was reincarnate as this, it is because I was mean and stuck up to my friends and family. This is probably a punishment.” I start to cry as she turns me away from the bed, but now forced to stare at the former me on the screen, but not intentionally. Staring at it and looking at the cute dress I am wearing and now just a cute dress now too. Feeling Jessica moving towards the bed again and setting me back down on it and sitting down next to me. I feel the blankets underneath me shifting and feeling like mountains poking at my back. See her large hands moving at me as she starts to stroke the dress portion of me.

She looks down at me and says, “I…I…I’m so sorry for you. What do you think we should do know?”

I respond back, “I..I..I..I..I don’t know. I am now just an outfit and I am sure it is a very cute one too, since I was so good looking before. I am surprised no one else bought me before you came along.” I force a soft giggle. “Do you have any ideas of what to do? Do you think there is any way for me to change back to being a person?”

Jessica looks at me sadly and softly responds back to my questions, “I don’t think so Katie..” Her eyes tearing up as she tells me this. “I think you are stuck like this. I didn’t want to say this before, because I thought it was insensitive of me, but you are my exact size. Almost like you were made for me…”

I feel her hands moving over my sensitive fabric as she tells me that I’m stuck like this forever, which causes me to become defensive and scared. I yell at her, “How do you know that I am your exact size? Have you been sizing me up and checking my tags as you found me or something. I am person how dare you think you could wear me.”

I see tears streaming down her face now and on to the portion of me that are her panties. As she cries she says, “I am so sorry for doing that. I was just out shopping and I tend to do that. Again I am so sorry. Maybe I should send you back to your family…”

Realizing that I shouldn’t have shouted at her like that. “I’m sorry that I shouted at you like that. I probably would have done the same thing in your place. Please don’t cry for me, because I am glad you have found me. You seem like a very nice person and some crazy uncaring person could have found me and not even care that I was a person or even bothered to look to help me. I don’t think sending me to my parents would help much. There is no way they are going to believe some outfit is their dead daughters soul. They would probably just give me away to some thrift shop or even worse end up in the trash.

Jessica mentions, “Plus it might be a little dangerous to mail you to them, especially since it would be so far away. It would probably upset your parents to get a note saying this was their daughter. If you want me to send you to them, just let me know and I will. It is your choice.”
I respond back, “I think I am fine here right now and it is probably best not to bother them with this. It has been so long and they have probably come to terms with me being gone. I don’t want to reopen those wounds for them and besides what are they going to do with a daughter as a dress. I do feel bad now that I can’t pay you back for buying all of me.”

I see the smile on her face as she tells me, “Don’t worry about the money Katie. I don’t care about that.”

“Yea, but it was a lot of money and from what I heard your husband say about the shoes and stockings I know you had to spend almost £1000 on me and I know that is even more in US dollars. Now you don’t even have an outfit to wear tonight and your husband saw me in the bag.

“You were right earlier. I have lots of cute dresses. It’s fine Katie, I am sure I can find something else to wear,” she tells me as she smiles down at me.

As the tone of my voice is wavering and unsure as I say, “That is good.” I sound like I am thinking or debating something.

She starts to dry her eyes as I see a smile appear on her face. “I have an idea, maybe you could help me. You could be a personal stylist or something and help me day to day on what I could wear. What do you think?” she says.

“Sure, I would love that!” I exclaim.

She gets up off the bed and starts pulling dresses out of the closet. She starts to tell me, “We are going to a jazz club tonight and I want something with a big skirt.” She starts to hold up a few dresses up to me so I can see, but nothing comes close to my style. She starts to pile the maybes next to me as they start to pile up next to me. Feeling the weight of them on a few of the other parts of me as the pile grows taller than me as it grows to a few inches. I start to think to myself maybe I should…, but I stop mid-sentence. She asks, “So which one do you think I should wear Katie?” She holds up a cheap looking yellow swing dress and a nice black dress, but the skirt is a little too short.

I ask a question that I had been meaning to ask you since you I have your full attention, “So what is your name? I think I remember your husband saying Jessie. I don’t think you told me.” Basically, ignoring your last question about, which dress I should be wearing.

She looks like she is worried and says, “OH MY GOD! I am so sorry Katie, my name is Jessica. I didn’t even realize I never told you my name.”

I reply back, “It is very nice to meet you.” I giggle a bit to try and break the awkwardness I caused. “I guess I am just a dress now. Why would you need to introduce yourself? I understand and don’t worry about it. It was just kind of funny,” she adds

Jessica looks at me with disapproval and says, “You’re not just a dress Katie… You’re a lot of things, must most importantly you’re a person. So don’t cut yourself short.”

I respond back, “I don’t look like one, but thanks. I am glad that you found me instead of someone else. So what is your husband going to say when you spent all that money and you’re not even wearing it?”
She giggles and says, “He will probably go mad…, but that is life. He is a good man and will forgive me even if he doesn’t understand.”

I still feel a bit bad that she isn’t going to wear me. Still not answering the last question you asked me so I ask you, “So which dress are you going to wear?”

She asks me again, “I don’t know, which one do you think I should go with?”

I finally give her a response back, “Well the yellow one looks perfect, but doesn’t seem to have that something special to it for going out and the black one is a bit too short for dancing for where you are going.”

She sadly says, “I don’t have anything else that is good for dancing. Especially where we are going, which is kind of the reason I was shopping for an outfit.”

I see where she is going with that and I suggest, “I would maybe go with the yellow one and accessorize and see if you can give it that something special looking.

She moves back towards the closet and I hear some ruffling and minute or two later she moves back into my view. I see she has the cheap looking yellow dress on. I see her start opening some of the drawers next to the bed and pulling out some ribbons and belts. She starts to hold a a few up to me, but nothing really makes it look much better. She asks, “Hmmmm what do you think?”

I slowly say, “Jessica…”

“Yes Katie,” she says.

I finally manage to say, “Ummm. Do you want to ummm… maybe wear me?”

Hearing her giggle when I suggest it and responds back, “Seriously Katie, what goes with this yellow one?”

I giggle as well and say, “I mean it… I feel kind of bad about making you spend all that money and have nothing to wear for tonight. I want you to look amazing tonight and I know that outfit is me. I do have one condition though.” Knowing that is pretty outrageous statement, but also knowing that I am the right style she is looking for tonight.

Sound a bit nervous she says, “I am not going to wear you Katie…You are kind of like a friend to me now. Not some outfit to wear.”

I respond back, “I am honored that you think of me like a friend. I feel like you’re my big sister trying to protect me, but I want you to wear me. I thought this over for the last 10 minutes and I think I am fine with it this one time.

“Are you sure Katie? I mean you were scared of me wearing your dress part earlier,” she says.

She slowly picks up the dress portion of me and holds me in front of her as she moves in front of her long wall mounted mirror. I start to feel a bit strange as I can see her smiling and eyeing and sizing me up to her. Feeling like I am being judged. Remembering how I did the same thing to my outfits and now I am one of those outfits. I finally respond back, “Yes I am sure. It is the least I could do for you after all you have done for me today. I still have one condition.”

She quickly asks, “What is that Katie?”

Not wasting anytime ad she starts to slip the dress off in front of me. I slowly and nervously respond. “Ummmm can you maybe…you know ummm….maybe not have sex with me on or even in the same room. Not sure if I could deal with that. It was strange enough just being in the bag earlier when you guys were talking. Not sure if I could handle being worn or even hearing you guys have sex.”

“Oh my god Katie I would never do that to you. That would be so mean.”

I see Jessica removing her bra and panties off as she moves out of sight and hearing a door close. A few minutes later I start water running as it sounds like a large rushing waterfall. Realizing she didn’t even bother telling me she was going to take a shower. I lay there only able to stare at the wall and part of the ceiling. Not able to control what I see or even move upsets me a bit. I hear the water shut off and the hair dryer turning on. I start to get more nervous knowing that I will actually be worn by her and people in public will see me on her. Hearing the hair dryer turn off and I still don’t hear the door open as I wonder what is taking so long. I hear some shuffling and movement in there for a while. I finally hear the bathroom door opening and seeing her come towards me in a towel wrapped around her body. I can see she has done her makeup and as she gets closer I can see she has also done her nails and is ready for her night out. She looks down at me and looking a bit nervous and confused and says, “I’m not sure if I can wear you it just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do…”

To be continue…

2 thoughts on “Blue Dress part 2

  1. I will be starting to work on the next part today or in the next few days. Hopefully that part won’t take as long as the last time. I am hoping to finish it sometime in the next 7 to 14 days. I have probably another 2 to 3 chapters left. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it so far!

    • I finished the story today and Jessica will be looking it over and hopefully posting it sometime tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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