A porcelain prison (day twelve)

Part two of my tale about the unforunate Dr. Black. I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to either Dr. Black or his assistant. You never know, it might influence the next installment.

These are the scientific notes of Dr. Jacob Black, dictated to his assistant Natasha Rubina due to Dr. Black’s current status.

Day twelve.
It has nearly been two weeks since the accident that changed me into a toilet. During the first day when Natasha was here it was not so bad, as I had someone to talk with. But that first night alone I started to feel very lonely and the feeling of my empty cistern was driving me mad. The next day Natasha convinced me to let her fill me up with water to relieve me of the constant empty feeling, she removed the lid of my cistern and tipped a bucket of water into me. Instantly the horrible empty feeling disappeared and I felt more whole, although it did leave me feeling like I need to ejaculate. I then spent a few days sitting in the middle of the laboratory, Natasha was running an experiment on my form when she accidentally pulled my handle causing me to flush. It was the most potent orgasm I have ever experienced, the water ran through my pipes and into my bowl briefly relieving me of the constant dryness, it then ran out of my waste pipe and onto the floor around me. Natasha apologised for the accident and moped up the mess, she then fetched another bucket to fill me with. My optimism for my situation has also dimmed. Natasha is right, if the scientific community finds out about me they will take all my research and then experiment on my form. I’m now unsure how my life will continue.

Natasha’s notes.
Seeing the Dr. become more depressed each day is becoming very hard for me to watch. I must also admit that I flushed him on purpose, his need to orgasm was becoming very obvious to me.  I had hoped it would help him come to terms with his new situation, but it just seems to have made him even more pessimistic. Maybe I should try to help him accept his new body, but I cannot think of anything I could do that could help to get a man to accept the life of a toilet.


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11 responses to “A porcelain prison (day twelve)

  1. Alexis

    I’m quite sure he will be placed with the other toilet. And next forgotten by everyone even his assistant ^^

    • Natasha – I am sorry Miss Alexis, but I did not read this one out to the Dr. as I felt that it would upset him. He is both my employer and my friend so I would never forget about him.

    • vince

      I feel Natasha should take him to her home to replace her toilet. I winder how he will feel when he gets his plumbing hooked up in her home and he is sealed to the floor. That will be the best place for him to take his permanent place as a toilet.

  2. I’d wager that the only way Dr. Black will come to terms with his new form is to not only be flushed more often, but to have someone finally use him as a toilet. I wonder if because his mouth is now the bowl and his inner plumbing is now his digestive system if Dr. Black will begin to develop some kind of hunger that can only be satisfied by human waste? Nevertheless it looks like the good doctor should be placed in a restroom sooner rather than later before someone finally notices that he’s been missing for a long time and there seems to be a talking toilet in his place 😉

    • Natasha – I assume you are addressing me Miss Candi, I cannot imagine the Dr. ever submitting to allow someone to use him as a toilet. I must admit I agree that I will soon have to hide him somewhere, it is only a matter of time until someone comes looking for him and finds a toilet in the laboratory. Then he will be subjected to endless experiments, I cannot let that happen.

  3. Hang on Doctor. You shouldn’t lose hope. Even as a toilet you still have the option of activating your experiment unconstrained again. Well either that or risk the janitorial staff getting suspicious about you sitting in the middle of the room. You should either take the risk of the experiment, or ask your assistant to plumb you in properly so that you don’t end up cut to parts in someone else’s lab.

    Miss Rubina:
    Do you have any future plans for if the doctor is unable to employ you further?

    • Dr. Black – I find it difficult to keep my spirits up Miss Alice, when my only options are to be a guinea pig in an experiment that may kill me, be plumbed in only to hide in a toilet cubicle hoping that nobody uses me after mistaking me for a real toilet or to end up being taken apart and experimented on by my peers.

      Natasha – I have been thinking about this the last few days, I could use the technology that the Dr. developed to make a living. I am not sure how yet, but there must be some money in it.

      • Thank you for your reply Dr. Black. I’m sure that someone of your intellectual powers will have the problem solved very soon.

        Natasha, was this matter alteration thing the only device he left you?

        • Dr. Black – thank you for the vote of confidence Miss Alice, hopefully a solution will present itself before I end up losing what little dignity I have left.

          Natasha – unfortunately the machine is the only piece of working equipment we have managed to complete.

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