The wedding part 1

This is the beginning of a story that someone requested a long time ago… I was never happy with the ending, so I decided to re-write it. This is as much of the story I am happy with, hopefully there should be a segment like this every week or so.

Chase was starting to get annoyed with the white lacey fabric smushed up against him. It had managed to get into him a little, while Jessica had been moving around and he really wanted to spit it out. But he knew that unless she cast a spell to give him the ability to move he would be powerless to do that. It had been a long and arduous day for Chase, first she had waxed him, then she had covered him with her bridal lingerie. He then had to endure hearing his wife say her wedding vows to his best friend. He knew things were going to get worse for him that night when they would consummate the marriage. His train of thought was broken when Chase felt a blunt pain hit him from the inside, he realized the baby was moving again and must have kicked him. If he had the power of speech he would have groaned, but Jessica had not given him that power this morning. She didn’t want him talking during the ceremony, he could not blame her, who would want their vagina talking during their wedding day… He could not help but think about the events that led him to this fate.

It had all began 7 months earlier when Chase had just finished making love to his wife Jessica. She smiled at him as they cuddled “ready for round two?” Jessica cooed to him, as she took her wand from the draw in the bedside cabinet. Chase just smiled and nodded, ever since she told him she was a witch a few years before she always transformed him into her vagina after they made love. Sometimes she would use a toy or her fingers on him, other times she would just goto to sleep enjoying the warmth he emanated. Chase gently slid his erect penis into her vagina, Jessica then kissed him and tapped him on the head with her wand. Over the next few seconds he felt his body collapse in on itself as he was absorbed into his wife’s vagina. When it was all over he could taste the semen he had ejaculated only a few minutes before, he had to remind himself it was not in his mouth and it was fine for semen to be there. Jessica reached into the draw again and took out a dildo, Chase saw the pink rubber toy looming above him. Jessica traced the tip of it across his folds a few times and Chase found himself feeling wet, it was like he was salivating but it did not taste the same. Jessica slowly pushed the toy into Chase, he always hated the taste of the rubber but when it touched his clitoris he found himself exploding in pleasure. Time stood still for Chase while Jessica played with him and after he and Jessica orgasmed together it took him a while to get his senses back. Most of the time Jessica would turn him back after they played that way, but that night Jessica just fell asleep.

Chase had been Jessica’s sex many times and spent the night that way a lot, yet this time it felt a little different. He could normally feel his own semen inside him for a few hours, but there was something else inside him as well. He felt some of the sperm make it to the other object, he figured it must be Jessica’s egg. He felt a warm glow of pride as he realized he may be a father and he was really there for the conception. He spent the next few hours feeling excited and could not sleep as he wanted to tell Jessica the good news.

Jessica woke up and saw the empty space next to her in their bed. She smiled and rubbed her sex “good morning honey” she said a little sleepily. Jessica then took her wand and cast the spell to change Chase back, they both waited for the spell transform him but after a few moments nothing had happened. Jessica attempted the spell a few more times, each time she became more frantic than the last “I think my wand is broken” she said a little distraught. She then got out of the bed and looked in her spell book for a few minutes, until she came across another spell she could cast. This time when Jessica touched him with the wand Chase felt the magic go through him, though instead of changing back he found himself quivering.

Jessica gasped and gently touched his folds, but Chase reacted by flinching “well it seems this spell worked… If you concentrate hard you should be able to speak sweetie…”. Chase tried to ask his wife what was going on, although a sound came out of him it was just a strange sputtering. Jessica could not help but giggle at the strange feeling of her vagina moving on its own, ignoring the sensation for a moment she addressed her husband “sweetie you need to calm down and talk slowly, my vagina is not really made for speaking”. Chase did as he was told and spoke more slowly “Jethica, wha ith happenin? Why am I thtill your puthy? Pleth turn me back”. Jessica sighed “I tried to turn you back sweetie… But there seems to be something wrong, the reversal spell isn’t working for some reason” there was a pause before Chase started to speak again “tho I am thuck like thith?!” Jessica stroked his folds trying to calm him “it seems that way, until I figure how to change you back… Don’t worry sweetie… I’m sure there is a way out of this”.

Jessica got up from the bed and started to walk toward the bathroom when Chase started to panic as he saw where she was heading “OH GOD! Jethica where are you goin’!?” Jessica blushed “well, I need to get ready for work… I cannot afford to have another day off sick…” Jessica entered the bathroom to carry out her morning routine. Jessica needed to use the lavatory and Chase found himself disgusted when she urinated through him, Jessica must have said sorry a hundred times while she blushed crimson from the shame of the situation. Chase then found himself enduring a drowning sensation after his wife ran a bath and decided to bathe, although it was all quite fast, to Chase it seemed an endless torture. After her morning bath Jessica wrapped a towel around herself and walked back into the bedroom. Neither of them had spoken since she used the lavatory, Jessica sat down on the bed and sighed. She looked down at her lap and opened the towel slightly so Chase could see, Jessica finally got the courage to speak and she said…

To be continued…


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3 responses to “The wedding part 1

  1. steve

    very nice love to see more of this!

  2. You should make the sequel to this.

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