Untitled part 1 (by ShockBob)

An ongoing story by ShockBob

Chapter 1
Cory squirmed in his seat and bit at his nails. His breathing was shallow, and he felt as though he could jump out of his skin. He was terrified of what he was about to do, but it seemed impossible for him to lift himself from his chair. He did the only thing he could think to do, which was to once again read the paper that he had printed out that morning; the paper that showed him the message he had gotten the night before from his last true friend.
“Hey Cory..I hope you’re doing okay. You really seemed down in our last chat. I know you’re upset about losing your job, but you’re going to bounce back! Don’t let the world get you down…I still love all the captions you’ve put online, so at least you made a difference to me.
It’s too bad I can’t really keep you as my dress. You’d never have to worry about stupid stuff again, I’d just keep you safe in my closet until I wanted to wear you, and then I’d just put you away again. Just think about that, maybe that’ll help you pull through. Take care!
Cory felt somewhat calmer as he put the letter down with the rest of his belongings. This was crazy…but he knew that this was what he wanted to do.
Behind him a door closed, and a woman came across the room to sit at the table next to him. She gave him a comforting smile. “How do you feel?”
Cory was thankful for her kindness. “I’m scared,” he admitted. “But I really want to do this. Are you sure this will work?”
“I guarantee it,” the woman replied confidently. “You have seen what my magic can do. I can turn people into whatever I desire, as long as they consent. But I admit, I’ve never met a man who wanted me to turn him into a dress. And to be shipped to the other side of the world…are you sure this Natasha woman will take you?”
“I’m sure she will. Yes, I know she will. Please, I’m ready.”
“Very well then…just look deep into my eyes…”

Chapter 2
“All right, I’ve got one more hour before I got to get ready for work,” Natasha said to nobody in particular. “What do I want to do?” She thought about trying to get a few more captions for her blog done, but she had just made a few earlier. She decided to turn on the television, but she noticed the package sitting on the table.
“Oh yeah, that package I got yesterday.” Natasha had noticed the package when she had checked her mail the day before; she had been curious about it but hadn’t had the time to open it. She had chucked it aside and forgotten about it, but now she was curious again. She pulled a pair of scissors from the kitchen drawer and sliced the package open. Her eyes brightened as she found a small pink bundle of fabric inside, and as she unfurled it to be a dress.
It was a hot pink, v neck dress, with a hem that fell just above her knees. It was slim, perfect for a size 6 for her. She began to wonder who had given this to her; was it a surprise from her boyfriend? A relative? She hoped it wasn’t a stalker or anything. She looked inside for a note, but before she could find one, she heard a voice.
“Pink, size six…what you wanted, right?”
The voice was quiet and mousy, almost pitiful sounding. Nonetheless the sudden statement was enough to make Natasha nearly jump out of her skin. The dress fell from her hands as she whirled around, her eyes immediately turning to the doors and windows. They were all closed. Natasha’s fear quickly turned to puzzlement, as she was quite sure that nobody could have gotten in. And the voice hadn’t sounded like it was coming from behind her, it had sounded like it was coming from…
“It couldn’t be…” Natasha whispered, and she picked the dress back up, holding it carefully in front of her with her fingers. “Cory?”
“Heh, I’ve had plenty of time these past few weeks to wonder how you would react. That’s about what I figured.”
“Cory?” Natasha repeated. “What did, how did…you’re a dress!”
“I know, right? I found out about this lady a few weeks ago, who has the power to turn people into things. I thought a lot about it, and I decided that what I really want is to be a dress. And after all those talks and roleplays we’ve had, about how great it would be if I was your dress, I just knew this is what I wanted to do! So, here I am! Do you…like me?”
Natasha stared at him in wonderment. It had always been a fantasy, a game she played with Cory and her other friends over the internet. And yet in her hands, she held her friend as a delicate, helpless object, for her to own. Her breathing became shallow as she draped Cory over a chair and pulled off her top and skirt. She grabbed Cory and pulled him over her body, then rushed to the mirror to see herself in his form.
It really was a perfect dress for her. The length and color were perfect for springtime, and it had a little skirt to it that flowed with her movements. It was cute and bright enough that she really felt pretty wearing it, but not skimpy enough to make her worry about attracting the wrong kind of attention. She ran her fingers over the dress and playfully flipped the skirt with her fingers. “ You really are perfect for me, Cory.”
Cory had been waiting for this moment all his life, especially over the last week he had spent folded up in his package. Now it was everything he had ever imagined. His body felt full and warm, perfectly relaxed over Natasha’s body. He could feel her heartbeats and breaths as though they were his own, as though he were one with her. Best of all, he could see in Natasha’s reflection how pleased she was with him, and he was the proudest he had ever been to make this woman so happy and beautiful. But then he felt himself being tugged upward, and suddenly he was no longer one with Natasha, he was once again dangling from his hands. “What? Wait! You’re taking me off already?”
“Yeah, I really wish I could wear you longer, but I’m going to be late for work pretty soon.”
“Well, why not wear me? Please?”
“I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel wearing you to work, Cory.” Natasha said apologetically. “A lot of guys who come to my bar can be a bit pervy. I really try not to dress too pretty around them.”
“Oh, that makes sense. Well, I hope you get a chance to wear me soon, I really think we go well together…”
Natasha smiled; she could tell Cory was getting worried about being abandoned, and she liked it. “Of course, Cory! My best friend always has an outdoor party to celebrate the start of summer in the beginning of June, and you’ll be just perfect.”
“But, but that’s six weeks from now! There must be some other time you can wear me!”
“Relax, I’m just teasing!” Natasha playfully threw Cory in the air and caught him with one hand before walking to her closet and pulling out a hanger. “I’m meeting a couple of good friends for lunch tomorrow and I would love to wear you.” She put the hanger through his sleeves and placed him inside.
“That sounds great! It was really nice meeting you, I think we’ll look really pretty together-“
“Mm-hmm. Sure Cory. I’ll think about it a little more, but I’ll probably be willing to wear you. Probably. Well, bye-bye!” She closed the door of the closet and walked out of the room before turning back around.
It was hard to believe. Cory was her dress. She owned him. She was going to wear him tomorrow, of course, but she wanted to tease him, make him doubtful and afraid. Thinking about him hidden away in her closet, helplessly waiting for her to return, filled her with power. Now she just wanted her shift to be over, because it would be difficult to contain her excitement for six hours.
On her way back out the door she remembered that there had been a note with the package. She picked it up and read it, and as she did she broke into a wide grin. Cory certainly did not know about this, but it was going to make owning him even more fun…

To be continued…

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  1. Doug

    I love this story and can not wait until part 2……

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