Blue Dress part 1

Awakening slowly, I quickly become confused and disorientated about where I am and how I got here. It is fairly dim and I feel smothered, as though something were pressed against me. I try to stand up and move, but quickly realize I can’t; it feels like something is wrong with me. I start to freak out as I am struck by a feeling like parts of me are missing. Hearing noises around me, I shift a little, although I am unsure how I just moved. The pressure increases as the movement becomes stronger. The noises and light intensify as they become increasingly closer. As more light illuminates my vision I see pink fabric in front of me. I start wondering if there is a pink sheet or something wrapped around me. Suddenly, the pink fabric is pulled away from me by a giant hand, and I realize that it is actually a pink dress on hanger.

Suddenly, I find myself flying through the air. Looking up, I see a giant woman in front of me, her arm outstretched, holding onto me. As she eyes me up and down and turning me side to side, I feel my lower body swaying uncontrollably with her every movement. In a very weak voice I say “Please don’t hurt me.” Startled and confused, the woman looks around, trying to find the source of the voice.

I’m puzzled by her behavior, since it should be obvious that it was I who spoke to her. How can she ignore a person they’re lifting up? Still weakly, but a bit louder say, “Please don’t hurt me. You are holding on to me.”

The giant looks down at me, confused and slightly scared and says, “Wh-wha-wwhat do you mean I am holding on to you?” The giant pokes and prods me, her fingers at me from the side, pinching and pulling me. The giant finally asks, “So are you a talking dress or something?”

Slowly I ask, “What do you mean I am a dress? My name is Katie and I am a person. Where am I, because it sounds like you have a British accent and you look like a giant. Are you some kind of alien or something?” The giant looks down at me and says, “You’re in Britain and you look like a cute dancing dress.”

The giant starts carrying me towards the dressing rooms at the back of the store and closes the door behind her. As she carries me, I begin to get increasingly scared of what might happen to me in the dressing room. She holds me up to a mirror and I finally able to see myself. I see before me a 50’s style halter neck royal blue and white polka dot dress. Looking in the mirror, I think to myself, how is this even possible? The last thing I remember is driving home from a party at a friend’s place, but after that everything is kind of fuzzy. Becoming upset, I say, “Why did you do this to me and how did you get me to Britain?”

Looking at her, I see that she’s absent-mindedly holding me up to herself to see if I will fit. “Don’t get any ideas I am a person,” I say.

At this, the giant stammers, “I’m sorry I was…Well I…It’s just you’re such a pretty dress. ..Maybe I should buy you so I can try and help you change back to normal.”

As the woman speaks, I try to size her up and figure out whether she is telling the truth or not. Eventually, I say, “I feel like I am not all here. I think they’re parts of me close by, but I can’t tell where or what I really mean by that. Can you help me find them so someone else doesn’t find them or something?”

She responds “Sure I can do that. I still need to find a dress to wear tonight for my date with my husband.” She sizes me up a few more times in the mirror before heading out of the dressing room and back into the store.

As the woman starts to carry me around the store, I begin sensing something. I feel a tingling sensation as she carries me closer to the lingerie section of the store. “Over to your right. I can feel it getting stronger,” I say. She starts to move in that direction as, reaching a table with some panties spread out over it. “I think I’m on that table,” I say. She reaches her hand down, she begins to browses through them. I feel a large shock as she touches a pair. “Stop!” I say. “I think you found part of me.” Looking at what she’s touching, I add, “I can’t believe those are me.” Watching her pick up a very cute pair of pink low-rise cheeky panties, and I can tell they are part of my face. I am somewhat disturbed as I realize that my mouth and nose are a part of the panties.

As the woman easily holds onto them and inspects them, I can feel her manipulating them between her fingers. She asks, “Is that all of you are there more of you out in the store?”

I respond, “No I think there are quite a bit more of me out there somehow. Head straight from here, I think I’m that way.” As she starts looking for more of me, she folds me over her arm, blocking my vision. Unable to see, I miss her checking the size tags on the panties and dress, smiling as she realizes that I’m both in her size. Finished checking, she heads through the aisles looking for more of me.

As she continues through the store, she spots a section full of petticoats. Imagining the type of dress I have become, she heads over there, guessing that another part of me might be there. As we approach, I feel the tingling sensations grow. “You are getting closer,” I say. She smiles, reaching the petticoat and as she runs her hands through them, I feel another shock. “Stop! That one,” I say. As she pulls out a petticoat on a hanger, it sends chills through me; I let out a small whimper and moan.

She asks, “Are you OK? You sound kind strange.” I am a little embarrassed now, realizing just what part of me she is holding.

Slowly, I tell her, “Umm…I don’t know how to say this. It’s kind of strange, but the opening of the petticoat is my vagina.”

She responds, “Ohhhh, I’m very sorry. I will try and be gentle with it.” She sets me over her arm and making sure to do it slowly. “I am guessing since we only have portions of you still they’re still more of you out there,” she continues.

“Yea, they’re more of me, but I think there is only one more item close by. That makes me worried…what if someone else has bought pats of me?” I slowly respond.

“You can’t think like that. I will do my best to find all of you,” she says and smiles down at me. She moves around the corner and back towards the front of the store, searching unsuccessfully for anything else that might be part of me in the store. As she nears the front of the store, whisper to her, “I am to your right. I think I am very close by and this one feels different.” She spots a large jewelry counter and she starts to run her hands over different items until I feel a very large jolt. “That one,” I say. She holds out a sliver heart and key pendant that has small diamonds lining the inside edge of the hollow heart shape. “I think my soul encased in that. It feels way different than the rest of me you have found so far,” I say.

She sees the diamond and says, “They are even my birthstone. That is kind of strange. It must just be coincidence. Do you feel anything else close by?”

“No I don’t. The next closet item almost feels like my feet or something like that,” I say.

“There is a shoe store a few shops down from here. Maybe that is why you are thinking of your feet. You may want to be quiet for a bit, because I am going to go buy you” she responds and smiles down at me. She makes her way to the cashier and sets me down on the counter and smiles at the girl working the till. I hear the beeps as she scans the tags hanging off the different parts of me. As the girl removes the hangers and then folds me, setting me into a paper bag, I realize the girl can’t even tell by touching me that I am a person. I hear the girl say, “The total is £266.” I hear the lady that has been carrying me around gasp a little and then hand over her debit card. I feel myself being lifted up in the bag and the ruffle a bit and the girl hands me over to the lady. I feel myself swinging a bit as the woman leaves the store. Once outside she whispers to me, “Are you alright?”

I respond, “I think so. I have a question for you and feel a little embarrassed. Ummm, what is your name? I feel bad, because I never asked before.”

“I supposed I never did tell you. My name is Jessica. I feel kind of bad, because I didn’t tell you my name,” she says. Jessica starts to walk towards the shoe store she mentioned earlier. “Does it feel like you’re in there,” Jessica asks?

“Doesn’t feel like it,” I say.

She responds, “Well there is another shoe store further down”. She starts to head down to the other shoe store. We enter the store and it appears to be a fairly nice, but fairly expensive store. I feel a part of me in the back of the store and soon Jessica makes her way there. Getting closer, she starts to run her hands over the different pairs of shoes and heels. Jessica spots a pair she has looked at in other stores and touches them.

“Stop, those are it,” I say. Jessica smiles as she hears me. She looks at the size, knowing I can’t see her do it while still stuck in the bag. She smiles again as she sees that I am again in her size. She holds one of the red, 6 inch stilettos so I can see it. The she looks at the price tag and sees its £125. Under her breath, she says, “I’m going to be broke by the end of this.” Grabbing the box, she heads to the front of the store to purchase me.

“Stop! “ I suddenly say, in a loud voice. “I feel the last piece of me think close by,” Jessica looks around and sees some stocking packets. She runs her hands over a few and then moves to the next display. “Right there,” I tell her. Jessica grabs them as they’re a packet of lace top fishnet stockings.

Jessica asks, “So is that all of you?”

I try and focus and respond, “Yes, I believe that is all of me. I promise to pay you back once we get this all figured out and change me back.”

Jessica breathes a sigh of relief and says, “Thank god, I can’t afford to just throw this money around. She starts to head to the counter and places the stocking packet and shoe box on it. I hear beeps as the sales girl scanning the heels and stocking packet. The sales girl gives Jessica the total and Jessica hands her debt card over. I then hear Jessica chatting with her and telling her about shopping for an outfit for a night out dancing tonight with her husband. The sales girl places me into a bag and then hands me over to Jessica.

Swinging in the bags while Jessica makes her way home, I finally feel completed. After a few minutes I ask, “Jessica what did you mean by you bought me to go dancing?”

Jessica responds, “Well I had to tell her something. She asked me if there was a special occasion, since she saw the rest of the bags you were in. Plus it was half-truth; because I went shopping today for a new dress to go dancing and now I don’t have any money to get one. I had to spend all of it, plus more on you.

I start to feel bad a bit, but decide that there is no way I am going to be worn by her. I suggest, “I am sure you have tons of cute dresses you could wear.”

Jessica responds calmly, “I do have a lot of cute dresses. Now I can’t get anything and I wanted a new dress that fits the place where we are going.

I meekly say, “I am sorry I caused you to spend all your money. I know I am a cute dress, but I will pay you back as soon as you get me changed back to a person.” I hear the sound of the pavement change as she makes her way to her front door. I then feel her shuffle the bags I am in, as she reaches into her purse and pulls her keys out and unlocks the door. She makes her way into the house and sets me down on the coffee table in the living room. She whispers to me, “Be careful talking now, I don’t want my husband John to hear you.

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Blue Dress part 1

  1. Thank you very much Johannes/Tami! I started working on it yesterday and have worked a bit on it today. I am guessing a few weeks and I should have the next one ready. This was my first story I have written so thank you again!

  2. Update on part 2…I am about halfway done with the next part. Sorry for taking so long, but I hammer through some of the issues I was having with the next part. I am hoping to have it finished up sometime in the next week. Wish me luck!

  3. Finished writing the next piece of it. Just going to have some friends look it over for grammatical and flow issues. Once I get that finished I will submit it 😀

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