Wedding night

Reposted after Jessie taught me how to post stories within the boarders …
Natasha kissed her new husband, still feeling the afterglow of making love a few minutes before, “that was wonderful, darling” she said to him. Cory smiled at his wife and cuddled her “that was certainly the best wedding night I have had so far” Cory laughed “so far? Just how many times have you been married Tasha?” He asked jokingly. Natasha looked him in the eye “marrying you will make ten times”
“oh? And where are all these other husbands?”
“i sold eight of them, I have no idea where they are”
“you sold them?” He laughs again “and the ninth?”
“I wore him at our wedding”
“you what? This story isn’t making sense Tasha, how about we stop acting silly and have some more fun”
“i’m not acting silly, darling. As for ‘some more fun’ i’m not sure you will be up to it…”
“huh? What do you mean?”
“by now your penis will be mostly fabric…”
“Tasha, really this is getting a little weird… Can we just drop this game?” Cory then glanced down at his member only to see it was flat and white. In shock he touched it, it felt like a piece of ribbon although his mind told him it was still his penis he watched as it got longer and wider unable to do anything else due to the shock.
“see, I told you it was not a game… You see I love weddings… But being married really does not suit me, and I didn’t want to have a string of ex husbands… So on the wedding night I turn my new husband into a wedding gown and sell the old one…”
Cory was still panicking over his penis, it had now moved around his body and was now tying itself into a bow at the small of his back
“Natasha! Please stop this, my cock is twisting itself into knots… This is hurting me… Please stop it! I love you!”
“you would be better to just accept it Cory, I would say that you will get used to it… but Garry, who I wore today never stopped crying thoughout the ceremony…”
Cory’s legs fused together then quickly turned white and exploded out into a full skirt with layers of petticoats causing him to cry out in pain.
“please… Tasha… I don’t want to be a dress…”
Natasha got up from the bed and started to walk toward the bathroom.
“you’re upsetting me with your crying… i’m going to have a shower and I expect you to be finished when I come back”
With that Natasha shut the bathroom door behind her. Cory struggled as best he could while he continued to change into a dress, but after a few minutes and the loss of his arms he realised it was pointless and just gave up.
Natasha came back into the room wearing just her towel, she looked at the finished dress and smiled “this will be the last time I talk to you Cory, until my wedding day… I can still hear you in my mind when I wear you, but I won’t do that until I snag another husband…”
Natasha then put Cory onto a hanger and put him away in the closet next to the dress she wore to their wedding only hours before. Without another word she closed the wardrobe door leaving Cory to cry in the darkness.

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