The Plan

A story I wrote about 7 or 8 years ago.

Josh and Jessica had been together for three years, and married for two. Although from the outside their relationship looked like any other, the truth was it is very different indeed. Jessica is a witch, but she tends not to use her powers for her own self gain. In fact, before she met Josh she hardly ever used her powers. Most of her spells are transformation and manipulation spells, and since she isn’t a vindictive person, she doesn’t have much use for them. That was until she met Josh. After only a few months of knowing each other they were engaged, a little while after that, they got married.

Jessica hid the fact she was a witch from Josh because she thought it would scare him off. That all changed a few days after the wedding when they started talking about their sexual fantasies. It started out as the more common fantasies like role-playing, dressing up and light bondage. But as the conversation progressed, Josh admitted one of his favorite fantasies would be to become a woman’s panties for a night. That is when Jessica told him she was a witch and that she had the power to make his fantasy come true. Since that night, every now and then, Josh and Jessica would play out this fantasy of his. It was not always panties; she turned him into various parts of her lingerie. Sometimes she would turn him into a dress or a skirt to wear around the house for a few hours. The only thing she never did was leave the house wearing him, because she thought it was too dangerous. Even though Josh told her that this is what he longed for the most she would
never indulge in this part of his fantasy.

On a Thursday evening, Josh was at home waiting for Jessica to get back from work. He knew she was going out that night and he hoped he could finally carry out his plan. He had been planning it for about two months, he just had to do everything at the right time and he should be fine. In fact, the only part of his whole plan that he had not decided yet was exactly what part of her wardrobe he was going to become. This time he was going to wait for her to set out her clothes before using the spell, unlike the last time when she told him she was going to wear her red dress. He transformed into it and waited in her closet for an hour before she got home. Then, when she chose her clothes for night, she changed her mind and he was left hanging in the closet for twelve hours. No, this time he was going to get it right.

Jessica got home on time at around about eight. She gave her husband a little hug and asked him why he was still dressed for work. He lied to her and told her that he had an unexpected business trip, but would be back on Saturday evening. As much as he hated to lie to his wife, he didn’t have much of a choice if he wanted to live out his fantasy. She told him she was going for a shower. He gave her another hug and said he would have to go before she got out. Before she went into the bathroom, she walked to the bedroom and put out the clothes she wanted to wear in a little while. Just after she had finished sorting out her clothes for the night and walked into the bathroom, Josh began to set his plan into motion. He went into the empty bedroom, stripped off his clothes and put them away, then looked over the clothes Jessica had put out and started to choose what he wanted to be tonight. He saw all the lingerie she had set out was the set he bought her for
her birthday last year, all black silk and lace, her sexy little black dress he loved and some long black stockings. It didn’t take him long to make up his mind. He had placed her spell book on the cabinet in advance and now walked over to it, having already found the page he needed earlier. Since she often left all over the place, he figured she wouldn’t think it was out of place here. Josh recited the first part of the spell then touched the item of clothing he wanted to become, he then went back to the spell book and finished the spell.

All of a sudden, his view changed and he was not looking at the page in her spell book, but looking up at the ceiling. When he tried to move and could not, he knew the spell worked. All he could do was look around and, from where he was on the bed, he seemed to have a good view of the room. He just hoped Jessica had not seen him cast the spell and also hoped that she would not take much notice of her spell book being open on the cabinet. As he lay there he began to wonder what it was going to feel like and if it would be as good as he fantasized. His thinking was cut short. She came out of the bathroom after her shower and returned to the bedroom to get dressed in the clothes that she had set out to wear earlier. Josh watched in awe as the gorgeous creature he knew as his wife began to dress in front of him, no matter how many times he saw her do this, he never got tired of it. He watched as she picked her panties up off of the bed next to him, then pull
them up her lovely long legs to her perfect bottom. Next she picked up her bra. Josh felt cheated as she walked out of his view while she was putting it on. The next item of clothing she picked up and slipped was her suspender belt this excited Josh because it meant what he had been waiting for, for what seemed like a lifetime to happen, was finally going to. She then sat next to where Josh was, and picked up one of her black stockings rolled it into a ball and began to unravel it up her left leg. Normally when Josh watched her do this he felt jealous of that piece of clothing but not today– today was different. Today was the day he got to live his dream. Josh watched as she clipped the suspenders to the stocking top.

Then he watched her hand hover over him for a second or two then gently pick him up. Her other hand came into his view and grabbed the top of him. All of a sudden he felt as though he was being crushed. It didn’t hurt, but it felt very odd, like every part of his body was touching the inside of another part. Also, while this happened he lost his sight because his own body was crumpled in front of his eyes, blocking his view. Then he felt something enter his body. From the time since he transformed himself, he didn’t notice how empty and flat his new body had felt till this moment. She was filling him up and giving him shape. As she unrolled him up her leg his vision started to come back. She then smoothed him out over her leg and gave his top a little tug ’til he was positioned how she wanted him, then she attached the suspenders to his top. He would have preferred to be transformed into a hold up, but in the two years since he knew she was a witch, this
was the first time he had got this far without her knowing and if to live his dream he had to endure suspenders so be it. The suspenders did feel more uncomfortable than he thought they would because of the way they were pulling him up and he always seemed to be pulling down on them slightly. He felt every movement of her leg, every wriggle of her toes. This was his version of heaven, even with the suspender belt constantly pulling on him.

He wanted to see himself on her leg to see how he looked before she put that little black dress on that she laid out with her lingerie. Almost as if she heard him, she turned around and looked in the full-length mirror on the closet in their bedroom. What Josh saw amazed him. He saw Jessica standing in their bedroom wearing nothing but a lace bra with matching panties and suspender belt with some long black thigh high stockings. He found it hard to believe he was the stocking on her right leg, and although the suspenders were uncomfortable, they definitely added to the look. While Josh was still admiring himself on Jessica’s leg she turned back to the bed and picked up her dress and began to put it on. As the hem dropped down to her knees Josh noticed that his vision was cut short, he could still look down at her feet and the ground or to his left to see her other stocking clad leg brushing against him. But now he couldn’t see ahead anymore. She then
proceeded to sit down on the bed. This for Josh was very uncomfortable indeed as when she bent her leg he felt himself pull more on the suspenders attached to his top. She then lifted her left leg up and crossed it on top of her right, yet again blocking more of his view. After a few moments she moved her leg, and crossed her right leg bending it more than when she was just sitting and pulling harder on the suspenders the more her leg was bent. This wasn’t hurting Josh it just felt like his new body shouldn’t be pulled like that. He then felt something cold and hard all over the part of him on the base of her foot, on the top of her toes and on her heel. She wriggled her toes around in the cold hard object and then he felt something tighten across her ankle It was then that he realized she was putting her shoe on. He felt relieved when she put her foot back on the ground and stood up as it stopped a lot of the pulling on his top. Jessica sat down in
front of her vanity mirror and began putting on her makeup and styling her hair for her night out.

For Josh, having his fantasy of being worn without Jessica’s knowledge was both exhilarating and worrying at the same time. As much as he loved Jessica changing him into her clothes he found it drove him crazy that she wouldn’t go out anywhere wearing him because she was worried about damaging him. In fact, most of the time when she had him on she never even left their bedroom. That and the fact that when she changed him, she was too delicate. Having the physical attributes of her clothes were only half of his fantasy he wanted to know what it was like to be treated like the real thing. He then started to think of some of the things that could happen, since she didn’t know he was her stocking. If she tripped and fell or brushed her leg against something he could get a run, and Jessica wouldn’t be able to help him. Josh wasn’t sure if getting damaged would affect anything about his changing back, if it would stop him changing, or injure him when he
returned to human form. He came to the conclusion that worrying about it now was pointless, whatever was going to happen to him was in Jessica’s hands, and if he did get damaged he would find out what would happen in twelve hours when the spell wore off. His thoughts were interrupted as Jessica stood up and began to leave the bedroom.

She walked into the front hallway and picked up her bag. She then came to the conclusion it would most likely be warm enough tonight to not need a coat, and she wasn’t going to be walking more than a mile into town to get to the bar to meet her friends anyway. As she stepped out of the front door and the cool night air hit her she changed her mind and decided to put on her black knee length cashmere coat. For Josh, the walk to the bar was extremely uncomfortable. Since he didn’t have any body heat of his own he was freezing cold, the only part of his body that was warm was the bottom part of him inside her shoe. That coupled with the fact that he only had a view of the inside of her skirt or the ground whizzing by if he looked down. Josh really was starting to wonder if being one of her stockings was such a good idea. When Jessica got to the bar she couldn’t see any of her friends yet. She looked down at her wristwatch, and noticed that it was about
nine– she was about twenty minutes earlier than planned. She decided to take a seat near the bar and have a few drinks while she was waiting.

As Jessica sat Josh felt the pull of the suspenders again and then felt Jessica’s hand smoothing him out on her leg, he liked the brief little bit of attention she gave him before straightening out her skirt and ordering her drink. It was only when she did this that he realized the very reason he wasn’t enjoying himself as much as he thought he would. The thing he craved before he changed himself was the thing he didn’t like. The lack of attention and being treated like any normal inanimate object was just too much for him. HE discovered that he, in fact, liked the attention she gave to him when she changed him. But at least when she was sitting he could look down and see a slightly better view, even if was the underside of a table. After a while Josh was starting to wonder what was going on. So far his wife had walked to bar and sat down drinking alone for what seemed to him like about ten or fifteen minutes. He was starting to get rather bored with his
predicament. Josh decided if he did this again without her knowing he was going to be her bra. At least it would be warmer inside her dress or blouse, and even without any view he wouldn’t get bored of feeling his wife’s breasts bouncing around inside him.

Jessica looked at her watch again. It was now half past nine, her two friends were ten minutes late. She went into her handbag and retrieved her mobile phone and called her best friend Chelsea. All of a sudden, Josh heard Jessica talking, he couldn’t hear anyone else so got the idea she was talking on the phone. He didn’t catch a lot of the conversation, because when she moved her legs all he could hear was the sound of his nylon body brushing against her other leg. But from what he caught of her last sentence, he guessed her friends were not coming after all. Just as he was taking in this information Jessica threw off his train of thought as she stood up and paid the barman before walking out of the bar.

When Jessica stepped out of the bar she couldn’t stop herself from cursing, since in the forty minutes she had been sitting in the bar waiting for her friends. The weather had changed from slightly chilly to raining cats and dogs. She thought about calling a taxi for a moment, then decided it was only a few minutes down the road. She did all the buttons up on her coat and tied the waist belt up before setting out on her walk back to the house. Josh was really starting to regret this idea now. It was nothing like he had been hoping for. So far all he had got out of this experience was having his top pulled by the suspenders, frozen on the way to the bar and being ignored by his wife. Now just to top it off the part of him below her skirt and coat was getting very wet and very cold on the way home. Jessica was almost home when she had to cross the street in front of her and Josh’s house. Just before she started to walk across the street she noticed a car
speeding down the road then saw the big muddy puddle right in front of her that she was going to step in. For a second she thought, in a way, the car saved her from getting a wetter foot than she already had. Her thankfulness to the driver was very short lived as the little red hatchback sped right through the middle of the puddle, covering most of her lower half in muddy water. If Jessica thought this was bad that was nothing compared to what Josh endured, all of a sudden he’d felt a wash of cold water cover almost all of him with little bits of mud stuck to a lot of his body. It was like nothing he had ever felt before in his life, he could feel the disgusting mud and grime penetrate his skin. Although he couldn’t see anything of what happened, he guessed it was a car because he could hear Jessica screaming something about slowing down and learning to drive at the top of her lungs.

When she finally got home, she dropped her bag down in the hall and took off her coat before looking at the mud and slime covering the bottom of her dress and the brand new stockings she was wearing. Josh could hear Jessica swearing again as she lifted the hem of her dress a little and touched a little bit of the mud stuck to him. She walked though the house into the upstairs bathroom. She then took off her dress and dropped it in the laundry basket, swearing as she looked at the grime on it again. Josh was happier since he could see what she was doing now because the hem of the dress was out of his way. He felt her balance shift as Jessica leaned on the wall to take her left shoe off, and then removed her other shoe. Josh felt some relief as that part of him didn’t feel cramped in her shoe anymore. As he was looking around he saw Jessica’s hand undoing the suspenders on the other stocking and figured he and it were going to be joining the dress in the
laundry soon. He really did start to think this was a genuinely bad idea now, especially since it didn’t feel much past half past ten yet. So that meant he was going to spend the last ten and half hours of the spell covered in mud in a laundry basket, this night really didn’t go as planned at all. When Jessica undid the suspenders holding Josh up he noticed how his body began to shrink down her leg, mainly because of all the water and grime he was covered in. She then unceremoniously slid Josh down her leg and pulled him off her foot then just dropped him on the floor. Josh didn’t like this one little bit, as all of a sudden his body was all scrunched up then just dropped. The plop sound he made when he hit the floor just added insult to injury. Just as he was thinking things couldn’t get much worse he then felt something wet, heavy and cold land on top of him, his whole view of the room was blotted out when that happened. He figured it must have been
the other stocking. Josh really did start to think he would have preferred the laundry basket to the floor for the remaining hours.

Jessica took off the rest of her lingerie and climbed into the shower to get cleaned up. Josh heard the shower door open and close then the sounds of running water. He knew what Jessica was doing. He also started to notice just how cold the floor was and began to wish he had installed the radiator in the bathroom when Jessica asked him to. Josh could feel the parts of him that were dry getting damp from the wet parts of his own body that were touching them and the other drenched stocking sitting on top of him. He also noticed the longer he was laying on the floor the colder he was starting to get, he then heard the sounds of the shower turning off and the door opening and closing again. He started to hope that she would at least pick him up and put him into the basket. After a few moments he heard wet footsteps walk past him in the direction he thought was the bedroom.

After drying off Jessica walked into her bedroom to get one of her nightdresses to wear. She pulled the long yellow one that Josh hated out of the draw and slipped into it, then returned to the bathroom. She put her towels into the laundry basket then went to turn out the light. Just before she did though, she noticed the stockings on the floor again, and although it was late, the dirt would be easier to soak off while it was still wet rather than all caked on like it would be in the morning. She stood in the doorway for a few moments pondering what to do about them. After the night she’d had so far she really just wanted to get to sleep, but she also thought they were nice stockings and it would be a shame to throw them away if the grime was too hard to get off in the morning. She decided to give them a go tonight. She ran a bowl of warm water into the sink, picked them up off the floor, and dropped them into the water.

Just as Josh was starting to come to terms with the fact he was most likely going to be spending the night on the floor, he felt his body being lifted from the ground. But instead of the soft dry laundry basket he was expecting, he found himself thrust into very hot water. For a start, he wasn’t sure what had happened exactly, the shock of fast temperature change from freezing cold to burning hot made his mind reel for a moment or two. After a few seconds he realized the water wasn’t as hot as he first thought, it was just the fact he was cold beforehand that made the water feel so hot– it was in fact very temperate. As she swished him around in the water and rubbed parts of him with her fingers, he noticed how nice it felt to get the muck off his body. After a few minutes of this she pulled him out of the water and hung him over the little line that stretched from the side of the shower to the wall that Jessica hung her delicate items on to dry over
night. His vision was upside down and he was facing the door. He watched as she then hung the other stocking on the line and turned around and walked to the doorway, turning the light off as she left the bathroom and shut the door behind her. After a few moments Josh heard the bedroom light switch flick, a little while after that he didn’t hear anymore sounds coming from inside their bedroom. He noticed just how heavy his body felt hanging on the line and how his bottom half was sticking to the back of his top half, then the cold started to return. In the dark bathroom, his mind began to wander and he felt a kind of darkness come over him, almost like sleep yet at the same time, different.

Some time later, Josh heard noise coming from the bedroom; he knew it was Jessica’s alarm clock. He noticed he was still looking at the world upside down, but now his body was dry and it felt fairly warm since the sun was shining on him through the window in the bathroom. A little while after the alarm stopped he saw the door open and Jessica walked in, took off her nightdress and got into the shower. He was feeling a lot better than he did last night since Jessica’s alarm meant it was seven in the morning. He only had two more hours left before he would become human again. When Jessica was finished in the shower she toweled herself off and walked into the bedroom out of Josh’s view. He could hear her routing around in her dresser getting her clothes ready for work. While Josh was hanging on the line, he thought he would take Jessica out tonight as a surprise, although she wouldn’t know it was because he knew she had such a terrible night the day before.
While he was thinking about this he heard his wife swearing from the other room. He then saw her return to the bathroom, wearing only white panties, matching bra and a suspender belt. She then walked up to him and felt him with her hand.

“Thank God. They are dry,” she muttered. He was a little more than slightly confused by this. She then smiled with a relieved look on her face, before proceeding to take Josh and his counterpart off the line and into the bedroom. That is when Josh saw what his wife must been swearing about, laying on the floor next to the bed was a tan coloured stocking with a run that spanned halfway up the leg.

He then felt his whole body being bunched up, as he was the night before. He was then pulled up her leg to have suspenders attached to him again. From his position on her leg he then watched her in mirror as she pulled up the other stocking and put on her white work blouse. As he was getting more and more worried, she stepped into her black work skirt and pulled it up obscuring his vision he looked down to see her put her foot into the black pumps she wears at the office.

As Jessica walked out the bedroom, she thanked her lucky stars that she’d bothered to wash those stockings last night. She never really trusted hold ups and her only other pair just got a run when she caught her toe nail on one of them.

Josh didn’t know that much about Jessica’s spells, but he knew that he couldn’t transform back while she was wearing him, and after the spell wore off he would be stuck like this until she recited another spell to change him. Although he was worried about his situation, he knew after a few days she would find out one way or another what happened to him, since he wouldn’t be home on time from his unexpected business trip. The only thing that worried him now was ending up like that tan stocking on the bedroom floor before she found out where he was. That, and the fact she was going to be pretty damn angry with him, but then again, if she punished him, he figured that could be a hell of a lot of fun too.

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