The Genie

Another story I wrote about 7 or 8 years ago.

As the light from the flash started to disappear, I began to wonder if my wish had worked.

The very first thing I noticed was Amy standing right in front of me on a sidewalk looking at me, no she wasn’t just looking, she was staring at me. I went to say hi, but nothing came out of my mouth, I tried to move towards her, still nothing. It wasn’t like I was lost for words or frozen in my tracks, I really couldn’t move or speak at all. I started to look at my surroundings a little more closely, although I couldn’t move my head, or even look away from staring strait ahead I noticed I was in a building of some sort. There were also constant female voices talking, I couldn’t really make many words out as I seemed rather far away from them. While I was trying to figure out my situation Amy stopped looking at me and walked away, there were so many people walking by me that lost her in the crowd in a second. I still couldn’t work out exactly what that genie had done to me. I felt very weird, not just the fact I couldn’t move or talk, but something else,
my senses seemed to be lying to me. I could feel a breeze on the inside of my legs, I could also feel something inside me, something hard and cold. Since I couldn’t work out what had happened by using my sense of touch or sound I decided to use my vision, although it seemed fixed ahead. In the corner of my eyes I could see figures to both sides of me, they were female and facing away from me. They were not moving at all, infact they seemed to be frozen like I was. Another woman stopped and started staring at me from the sidewalk, a man joined her side and she pointed strait at me. That is when I figured out where I was. I was in the window display of some kind of store. I decided to look into the glass to see if I could maybe see my reflection. All I could make out was the shape of a woman with no arms wearing some kind of red dress, I guessed I was a female mannequin in a window display. That would explain the weird feelings, my legs were probably
hollow and I don’t know what I was made of hence the cold hard feeling inside. I started to think curses about that genie. How the hell could he interpret the words “I wish I was what Amy desires, so that I can be hers forever” as “I wish to be turned into a mannequin in a shop window”

The worst part is no-one except that useless genie would even about the fact that for the rest of what ever days I had left, would be spent as a female mannequin in some stupid women’s clothes shop. I heard a voice rather close to me say

“Which of the dresses in this display did you want to try?” I figured she must be one of the assistants in the shop. I then heard what I assume was a customer reply

“The red one with the floral pattern in the middle please”

I heard some footsteps approaching where I was and I figured that I was now going to be disrobed since the other two mannequins were both wearing black dresses, and mine was red. In the reflection I saw another female figure walk up behind the mannequin I had came to the conclusion I now was, she looked at the tag sticking in the limply hanging sleeve of the dress and called out to the customer

“It’s a size 10″

“I’m normally an 8, but can I try it on anyway” came a reply

The assistant then moved around the back of me to remove the dress. I didn’t think today could have got much worse than being a female mannequin in a shop window, but now it seemed I was going to be a nude female mannequin in a shop window. As she grabbed the zip and pulled it down to open the back of the dress It felt like someone had got hold of my spine and tore it vertically in two. It wasn’t painful it just felt so bizarre. Then felt something grab the top of my shoulders and pull on me, My mind was reeling in confusion as to what was going on as I could feel the thing inside me slipping down, no it wasn’t slipping down, I was being pulled up. I was still staring into the reflection and saw the assistant had almost removed the dress, only I don’t think it was being removed from me, I was being removed from the mannequin, I was the red dress.

After she took me off the mannequin she then quickly put what felt like my arms but that were now just sleeves into a coat hanger, zipped my back up and proceeded to carry me to the customer. Having my back zipped up felt a lot better as it didn’t feel like my spine was split in two anymore. All of a sudden being a shop mannequin seemed a lot better than being a dress in some woman’s closet. The assistant passed me to the woman that I saw outside earlier.

When she got hold of my hanger the first thing she did was feel different parts of my body, by rubbing parts of me between her finger and thumb. She then turned me around to look at my back, while I was facing away from her I saw the man that was outside with her earlier, he was looking rather worried about something.

She then started to walk toward a mirror in the shop and held my body against hers. This was the first time I had seen my new body properly, the reflection in the window was rather hazy and all I could really make out was colours and slight shape, not any real definition. I was a bright red dress, I looked like I was made of satin or silk, to be honest I didn’t really know the difference from just looking, I had short sleeves that were about elbow length, and my hem was just above her knee. I also had what looked like a black rose pattern just above the hem that travelled up the left-hand side and stopped at the waist. All in all I looked rather expensive, now I knew why the man with the woman holding me looked so worried, I would be worried too if my girlfriend or wife picked up a dress like I was now. Still holding me up to her body she turned to the man and said

“So? What do you think”

He looked at the assistant “How much was this one again?”

Before the assistant had time to answer the woman that had me started to nag at him, telling him how he can never go anywhere without being obsessed with price, and want she allowed to have nice things from time to time. To me it seemed like a ploy to make him feel guilty or at least embarrassed enough to allow her to buy me. Personally I didn’t want this or any woman to buy me, death would have been better. But due to that stupid genie it was all out of my hands now, from this point on I knew I had no way to change any part of what future I had. I was relived when the man said he didn’t think they can afford me although my relief was short lived when she asked if she could at least try me on before they decided. The assistant pointed out the changing room and the woman carried me in there and hung me on a rail inside. She then began to take off the powder blue blouse and blue denim skirt she was wearing. As she was doing this I thought I would take a
little time to look over what could be my new owner, she looked early to mid twenties, she had blonde hair in a bob and blue eyes. She was very slim on the verge of skinny and seeing her in her underwear you could tell she had her boobs enlarged. While I was still sizing her up she took my hanger off the rail and unzipped my back, she then slipped my sleeves out of the hanger and pulled me on. I wanted to run away, or move around so she would see I wasn’t a normal dress. I wanted to scream at her to put me back and leave me alone or to tell her I wasn’t really a dress and that about twenty minutes ago I was a man. But none of that happened, my body just stayed limp and no words were spoken. When she began to put me on it felt so weird to have this woman’s body slide into me, she felt so warm, and her skin was so soft compared to the mannequin. She then started to zip me up, I noticed how loose I felt around her waist but as she started getting the
zipper higher my body seemed to be stressed a lot more. When she finally got my zip all the way to the top I watched her in the mirror as she tried to shift me around a little. I could feel what used to be my leg hanging down around her thighs. It felt almost like it did when I was on the mannequin, except around the area of this young woman’s bust. It felt like she was stretching the top part of me to breaking point, I don’t think she was having a better time than me as when I looked into the mirror her face looked rather pained. She tried to shift the top part of me around a little to try and get me to fit better, but she didn’t have any luck in taking off the pressure. She didn’t even bother to wear me out of the changing room to show the man that came in with her, she just took me off and put me back on the hanger and hung it on the rail. While I was on the rail she started to look at me again

“I guess I could get it altered” that statement sent shivers down my spine, well my zipper anyway. I didn’t want to be owned by this woman, and I certainly didn’t want to be altered in anyway, that sounded painful even if I was a dress, I knew could still feel pain after she tried to squeeze her breasts into me. I was then picked up again and she walked out of the changing room with me in her hand. I was passed back to the assistant and she told her that she changed her mind. Her and the man then promptly left. The assistant then walked over to the counter still holding me, she started talking to another assistant

“What happened to the dummy this one was on?”

“Oh… While that guys secretary was trying on the red one, Annabel put one of the better selling lines in the front window, I guess she used the dummy it came off” was the reply from the girl behind the counter.

“So what do you want me to do with the red one now?” asked the assistant holding me

“Just put it on the rail near the wall with the other silk dresses” I didn’t much like being referred to as it, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“How do you know she is his secretary?” Asked the girl with me

“Two reasons really, one she was only half his age”

“And two?”

” He came in with his wife yesterday lunchtime”

They both had a little giggle as the assistant holding me walked over to a rail full of other dresses and slid me between two of them that were already there. While I was on this rail I felt very squashed and flat, I couldn’t see anything except for the black silk of the dress in front of me. As I was hanging there, every now and then someone would feel my sleeve or my hem, occasionally pulling me out of the racking and holding me up to themselves in front of one of the mirrors. To my relief none of the other women except for the secretary earlier tried me on. After what seemed like an eternity closing time for the shop Finally came. All the assistants left and the last one out of the door turned off the lights and locked the place up.

Left alone in the darkness I started to think about how I could have got into this predicament. I started to think of the word I had spoken to the genie to make my last wish “I wish I was what Amy desires, so that I can be hers forever”

It then struck me, the damn genie had given me part of my wish, and I was infact what Amy desired, at the exact moment I said the words, what Amy desired was the dress I had now become. I wondered how I could have been so stupid not to choose my words more carefully, although I’m sure that horrible little genie would have screwed me anyway. I was left in the darkness of the shop, with the only sounds being that of a passing car out on the street or the odd drunken lout out on the sidewalk. I didn’t sleep at all, and I found myself wishing I were human again or at least dead.

Morning came faster than I thought it would. The day carried on much as the day before it did, with the occasional person feeling me or holding me up. I had another woman pick me up to try me on. This one looked a lot classier than the secretary did, she was wearing a black skirt suit with a white blouse. When we got to the changing room she undressed then undid my zipper and slipped me on. She didn’t have any trouble doing up my zipper. Unlike the last time with the secretary I fitted rather well. When she turned and looked at the mirror I could see why Amy wanted me. My bust-line showed enough cleavage to make her look sexy but also held enough back so as not to give her the slut look, I nipped in at her waist to make her look slightly slimmer and my hem flared out slightly. All of this adding to create a near perfect hour glass figure. She admired me on her in the changing room for a few moments before taking me off and returning me to my hanger, she
zipped me back up and walked to one of the assistants who asked her if she would like to purchase me. She told her that although I fitted rather well and I was the length she was looking for she really wanted something in blue. I was returned to my rail.

The days seemed to go on like this, I would get touched, picked up and held against a woman’s body, and sometimes I was tried on. After a while I had started to get used to it, I thought of myself as a dress rather than a man at this point. When I thought about my body I thought of red silk dress with elbow length sleeves and a hem just above the knee, not a six foot two man with arms and legs. I had even given up wishing I was a man anymore, I still hated being a dress, but I had also come to terms with it on some level.

I’m not sure how long it was, maybe two or three months since I first changed into a dress. I felt a hand touching my sleeve, although that was nothing new to me when the hand pulled me from the rail and held me against her while she looked in a mirror I was shocked. Amy the girl I loved was holding my silk body against hers, she then walked into the changing room and started to get undressed. I started to think that being trapped as a dress would be torture no matter what happened, but a part of me thought it would be less torturous if Amy had me. She then unzipped my back as all the others had and slipped into me. Her body felt so wonderful to me, I fitted perfectly, I didn’t sag anywhere and I wasn’t stretched or pulled tight against any part of her body. She looked in the mirror in the changing room and shifted me around a little until I was positioned on her body how she wanted me.

“From when I saw you in the window I knew you would fit” I knew she wasn’t really talking to me she was talking to herself, but in a way it was nice for me to pretend she knew I wasn’t a normal dress.

She didn’t bother to walk out of the changing room with me on to get another opinion, I was just placed back on my hanger and she walked over to the first assistant she saw. I guessed she was going to hand me back and I would spend another few days on the rail until some other woman picked me up again. The assistant saw Amy and walked over to her as if to intercept the customer before any of the other assistants that could get a commission

“How did it fit?”

“Perfect” was Amy’s reply. By the way she said it I knew she wasn’t going to buy me.

“Would you like to take it?”

“I would love to, except I don’t have enough, maybe in a few weeks” Amy’s response made me feel a little hopeful. In a few weeks I could be out of the shop, off of the rail and someone that I fit would have me, rather than a lot of the women that kept attempting to squeeze into me.

The assistant looked at Amy

“Well its going back to the warehouse as excess stock on Friday, so this would probably be your last chance to purchase it”

“I really don’t have enough, if I did I would take it. Isn’t there a way you could hold it back for me” I was hoping the assistant would be able to help, because being stored in a warehouse sounded a lot worse than living in this store.

“Hmmm… I have an idea, are you going to pay cash or credit? And how much are you short?”

“Cash, and about fifty. Why?”

“Well for a cash sale I guess I maybe able to talk my manager into dropping the price by fifty since a hundred in the till is better than paying to send it into storage”

The assistant walked away, I could feel Amy’s hand feeling the silk on my back, she started to talk to herself again

“Oh, I hope she can work something out I really want you”

The assistant beckoned Amy over to the till. I was laid on the counter and had the tag in my sleeve removed, she then asked Amy she wanted me in a bag. I felt myself get folded up. I couldn’t see anything except for the red of my skirt as the assistant folded me horizontally, then began to fold me vertically. She folded me very tightly and put me into what felt like a box of some type. I then felt a soft tissue being crammed into the box with me and I heard a lid close there was then the sounds of plastic rustling around the box I was in. While I was in the box, I felt my whole world turn on its side, although I didn’t move at all inside with all the tissue taking up the excess space. I was then handed to Amy. When Amy walked I could feel her swinging me backward and forward in the little bag. If I was still human being folded like this with the constant swinging sensation I would I have vomited for sure, but then again if I was human and someone climbed
into my skin I would have been a little more than sick. I had to keep telling myself I was now just a dress, when I was in the shop I was just starting to get a grip of it, I was just starting to accept my new point in life. But now Amy was back in my life, If you could call it that, it made me want to be human again. I wanted to hold her, caress her and love her I wanted to do all the things I could do as a man for her. Not just be worn by her. But as I kept reminding myself, the faster I could come to terms with my predicament the less pain I would feel over my loss.

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