Quick! Hide in the closet, my boyfriend is home!

My second attempt at a short story.

Natasha rushed into the bedroom and looked at her lover Cory.
“I just got a text message, my boyfriend will be home any minute…”
“shit! I need to get out of here… He will kill us both…”
“there is no time Cory… I’m going to have to use my magic on you. I can make you a dress and hide you in the closet”
“I thought you said your spells were permanent?”
“they are… But I can’t get caught with you… It would ruin everything”
“no way Tasha… Its permanent… I can’t be a dress for the rest of my life… We will just have to come clean”
Cory got up from the bed and started to pick his clothes up from the bedroom floor.
“you will see Tasha… After the truth is out everything will be better, trust me… Whoa… What are you doing?”
Cory was face to face with Natasha’s wand.
“I told you… I can’t get caught Cory… Now pick a colour”
“no! Natasha you can’t do this to me… I love you!”
“fine… I will pick your colour for you… We don’t have time to mess around”
A ray of light spilled out of the wand hitting Cory, he collapsed onto the bed. He then looked at his body seeing it unchanged.
“phew… You had me scared there Tasha… I thought for a second you were going to do it.”
Natasha looked melancholy.
“… I did… Its not that quick”
Cory looked at his body again, he noticed some slight changes, his waist was nipping in and his hips were getting wider.
“so these are my last moments as a man?”
Natasha nodded somberly
“could you at least… You know… give me a good send off?”
Natasha nodded then sunk to her knees and gently caressed Cory’s penis with her hands before taking it into her mouth. Cory found himself so lost in the sensation of his last blow job that he failed to notice the loss of arms as they receded into his body. He then felt his penis stiffen and he ejaculated, when he got his senses he looked down to see his body was now bright pink and silky. He had also developed what looked like breasts. His penis was also now starting to change.
“holy shit Tasha… As if being a dress was not humiliating enough… Pink?”
Natasha wiped her mouth and stood up and walked over to her dresser.
“well you never gave me a colour… So a panicked and picked my favourite”
Cory was looking at his pink shoulder straps when he then felt a sharp pain in his groin. He looked down to see Natasha had returned from her dresser with a pair of scissors and had snipped off his penis which he could still feel in her hand.
“what the hell Natasha! You just cut off my Dick without even warning me?!”
“sorry… I thought it would be easier for me just to do it rather than make a thing of it…”
“why did you even do that?”
“the spell makes your penis into a hair accessory… See?”
Natasha showed Cory a delicate looking pink silk rose with a clip on the back. He then felt his legs fuse and billow out.
“you are a very pretty dress Cory… I promise to wear you a lot”
Cory had no chance to answer before his head was swallowed up by the spell. Natasha stood looking at the dress for a moment when she heard the front door.
“hi Tasha i’m home”
“i’m upstairs in the bedroom Garry”
Garry walked upstairs and into the bedroom, he looked at the dress on the bed and smiled.
“more money wasted on clothes?”
“oh its one of your flings its it? Did the poor bastard know what was coming?”
“kind of… You know I like to play with them”
Garry kissed his girlfriend and smiled.
“as long as it keeps you happy, and keeps me out of your closet its all good with me”
He then walked out of the room. Natasha smiled as she hung Cory in the wardrobe “sorry I tricked you darling… But I do enjoy trapping men this way… And don’t worry, i’m sure I will get bored of Garry soon and then he can join you in here.
Natasha closed the door to the wardrobe leaving Cory to silently cry in the darkness.

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